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But ...seriously Europe
by Thanos Kalamidas
2009-10-18 10:08:00
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Berlusconi has turned back to the centre of the scene; every circus needs its clown, with his huge ego blaming everybody for his misfortunes and turning himself into a martyr that fights the bad …justice! It doesn’t make sense but in his little Machiavellian world he is the god and god is always right!

But right seems to be the Czech government as well demanding some changes in the Lisbon treaty. If the mighty EU inner cycle could do all these favours for the neighbour Poland they could do the same for poor Czech Republic. The reason the EU reacts badly to the decision of the Czechs to ask something different is because if anything changes in the Lisbon treaty they will be forced to call referendums in their countries and that is something they all want to avoid. You see they are not sure if they can manage to pass it again through their people and then Irish might voted yes a couple of weeks ago but that doesn’t mean that the Germans, the French or the Italians will accept to vote yes next time.

Somebody else which might have to come next time is FYROM, the European commission decided that the former Yugoslav republic has done …convincing progress and they are ready to open talks with the EU for membership. Leaving aside the definite veto from the Greek government due to the name dispute – FYROM after stealing the name from Greece is stealing the history from Bulgaria, let’s see who’s next – this “convincing” says it all. In the last national election is not a secret that the fraud was massive and far away from any democratic principal. FYROM is the black hole of human rights, total corruption and trafficking, any kind of trafficking from women to drugs. Actually FYROM is the cancer of Europe and convincingly makes you wander what the committee had drunk before coming to that conclusion.

The European union did already one mistake with the last expansion and thankfully due to the reaction it stopped there after the reaction from France and Netherland; nobody is prepared for another mistake that will include two countries where one has absolutely no reason and excuse to be member of the EU and the other one is everything the EU opposes and fights and I’m talking about Turkey and FYROM. Skopje have future in Europe on the contrary with Turkey but this future will come after a lot of change including active respect to minorities, respect to human rights, the end of the corruption and definitely the end of the trafficking that has become the centre of every exchange in the former Yugoslav republic, respect to the neighbours and of course a solution to the name dispute.

Dispute is the issue for another Balkan EU member; the Romanians must short out their issues with the Roma minority before the dispute becomes a prejudice and racist problem that can force EU in taking measures against the member state. The situation with the Roma in a lot of east European countries is at least dramatic and Romania is not alone in that. Hungary, Bulgaria and Poland are close enough and something has been done soon with the EU interference because the whole thing is getting serious and the Roma people live a pogrom.

And all that while another Balkan country has totally different problems; the Indians rejected the claim to return Mother Teresa’s body to her birth country making a lot of Albanians angry and make you wander if in the near future the Albanian company will make claims for John Bellucci’s body; his father was an Albanian immigrant!

The far-right Dutch MP Geert Wilders is planning another attempt for a European tour and I’m guessing that he’s going to spent most of his time in the plane with one after the other the countries rejecting his entrance while Radovan Karadzic will go to trial on the 26th of October.

And since we started with Berlusconi is good to finish with Silvio. The man has declared his full support to Tony Blair for the top EU job! Somebody to help us!!!

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Emanuel Paparella2009-10-18 10:36:32
The Hindu Indians and the Moslem Albanians fighting for the body of a Christian saint. That is bizarre, but there may be silver lining somewhere in that phenomenon.

Judging from the above list of disasters gives me no regrets for the title I chose for my book some five years ago: A New Europe in Search of its Soul. The searching goes on and at the end we shall arrive at the place we started from and know it for the first time. That was said first by Eliot and will apply till time is no more...and Machiavelli is long forgotten.

a Black Dot2009-10-26 19:52:54
Dear Mr.Kalamidas
I am very sorry (not disgusted) when I read this kind of so called attempts to create what should be an newspaper article, as u did. Maybe you have some very limited vocabulary and stile of writing but I guess for a small Finnish magazine it’s not so bad. But pls if you are about to be legit you should at least write about countries in which you actually have been. Obviously those are not Turkey and Macedonia.
So even if you would think that we Macedonians have the same frustrations from the Greeks as you have from us, I would honestly like to invite you to be my and Macedonian official guest for a week. I mean a week in the black hole of human rights, total corruption and trafficking, any kind of trafficking from women to drugs, more so in the cancer of Europe would not be so tough challenge for the brave and professional news reporter that you are!
Here from the center of the capital of Macedonia in some beautiful restaurant with traditional and delicious Macedonian food ( some that you desperately try to duplicate) and strong Macedonian red wine you might have the right angle from which you will right the But ...seriously Europe vol.2 and you would definitely be legit this time.
The offer stands, think about it…
With love from Macedonia

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