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Justify the Nobel starting with Iran Mr. President
by Thanos Kalamidas
2009-10-12 07:34:28
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How you call a country where protesting for an election result can cost you your life? I suppose it didn’t take much thinking before the name Iran comes to mind and that even in the front of words like dictatorship. Exactly thirty years from Ayatollah Khomeini’s return to Persia and establishment of the Islamic Revolution, it took a Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to prove that Iran is ruled from nothing more than a murderous and inhuman dictatorial regime.

Amazingly the West and not the Arabs or the other Muslim brother-countries was the one that helped Ayatollah Khomeini in his struggle against the Shah and the Pahlavi dynasty and it was the west with leading France that gave Khomeini all the elements of democracy like the media to promote and in the end succeed in taking over Iran. Most likely Khomeini’s Muslim brothers and sisters knew very well what he was all about and they could see where his Islamic revolution was leading. Perhaps that’s why his Islamic brothers and sisters keep away from Iran and often ask west to help in keeping the distance.

Three Iranians have been tentatively sentenced to death in connection with post-election protest activities, according to semi-official state media and many more are waiting their sentences accused of betrayal the state. The prove? They don’t like the way they are governed! The three, who were identified only by initials, were accused of contacts with opposition groups. That’s their crime! Contacts with opposition groups! Finally the death sentences can be appealed according to Bashiri Rad, director of public relations of the Tehran judiciary. Why ironic this …judiciary sounds!

So what’s coming after? Of course because we in the west fully support the rights of every country – we did often in the past, we even respected Hitler Germany’s rights until he invaded Czechoslovakia – we are going to …protest! And we are going to send representatives who will have absolutely no power to respectfully complain in the appeal court and after the three are stoned or I’m not sure what other civilized method they are using in holly Iran, we might make a statement in the Security Council! Oh, of course there is the other case, where the holy Supreme godlike leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei decide to show mercy, always in the name of Allah, and forgive the three sentenced; forgive, not forget, there is always slow death in an Iranian prison with a little help from the militants – fighters of the revolution I think they are called - that protect the regime. They have the experience; a lot of other protestors have gone through their hands.

I have written it before and it never stops fascinating me that dictatorial regimes always argue that they are doing everything for the good of the people and that they know …best what is good for the people. What the Iranians have add to that is the religious veil – in their case it looks more like a burqa – and the cocktail is pretty terrorising explosive, something all their neighbours have felt. Barack Obama just won the prestigious Nobel Peace Prize for all his effects for diplomatic solution, now it is time to prove that he was worth the award. It is not the danger of nuclear weapons Iran most likely constructs, it is the life of people who are going to be killed – murder is the only way to accept with this sentence – for their ideas without anybody to protect them, protect their basic right as citizens of this world to have an opinion and express it. So this the perfect chance to make diplomacy to work.

Barack Obama is the leader of the most powerful state in the world and in the case of Iran he has the support of all the world so what is missing is him doing something. And he has to do something quickly because at them moment three were sentenced but in the court room when the cases started there were hundreds and it is unknown what’s going on with them and what is going to be their future. Already some news that managed to escape abroad say that these people have already been victims of torturing and rapes and that regarding to the ones who were announced arrested, who know if there are more that never appeared in the court room or like all dictatorial regimes doing disappeared before reaching the cell. Furthermore who know if that was a chance to clear all the ones who opposed the dictators demonstrating or not!


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