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World Post Day
by Jack Wellman
2009-10-09 06:56:23
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Before you say, “World What Day?”, let me explain. Before the internet, and email, there was snail mail. In the States, it was more or less established during the short tenure of the Pony Express. It’s technically the Universal Postal Union's global mission statement. It’s purpose is to ensure a global, free flow of national and international mail. The irony is, it’s not a holiday and mail is delivered that day (Friday, Oct. 9th, this year). And it originated in 1874 in the Swiss Capital of Bern.
Before the internet, email, and radio, the mail carrier was the connection to the outside world. Messenger services, like a lot of things, were refined during times of war. Mail to and from home was a lifeline for forlorn soldiers and their separated family. Even today, people still meet and greet and the post office. They catch up on things while they “check the damage” (ie, bills).
Writing letters may be a disappearing venue, but getting them is still a lift to anyone. A card, a short note, pictures (in particular), just a simple Thank You, can easily exceed the cost of a stamp. Sometimes it can be priceless. And timing can be immaculate.
If junk mail ceased, then most people would find an empty mailbox on most days. The “file 13” mail now gets recycled at our house. So little is lost. And we can’t shoot the messenger (carrier or clerk) for simply bringing us the message (bills). The law of the Post Office seems to be that statements are never lost, some payments are, and 100% of junk mail arrives in perfect order.
My brother-in-law is actually a U. S. Postal Carrier and he can tell you some stories. Dogs, cats, “animal patties”, yellow jackets, bobcats, bucks, and ducks. I have told my carrier that I appreciate what he does and offer him a soft drink. Or if it’s frigid, to come in and warm up. Tis true he says of the mail….”through rain or sleet or hail or snow…”.
To all the Postal Carriers, clerks, sorters, etc., thank you. I know it seems that you must carry the weight of the world on your shoulders, but we’ll take some of that load off. And hope that you don’t go the way of black and white TV, Sunday afternoon band concerts at the park, newspapers, and the downtown ice cream social. It’s just not the same to hear “You’ve Got Mail” as to say, “Hey, I got a letter!”. Carry on oh carriers.


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LL2009-10-09 11:28:14

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