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"Honorable return with UN guarantee" of Rohingya Refugees be included as one of the agendas in the up coming talk between US and Burma
by Rohingya Human Rights
2009-10-03 09:13:48
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The New Age, Dhaka published on 28th September,2009 a news that “Law minister Shafique Ahmed said on Sunday that the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees had asked for precise details about the Rohingya refugees from the northern Arakan state of Myanmar so the matter could be included in the up coming talks between Washington and Yangon.”

Indeed, it is a good sign to reach in a permanent solution on the issue of Rohingya Refugee influx in to Bangladesh if the Bangladesh  government could be able to play a  vital role in solving the refugee influx issue. It is needful and inevitable to do so because Bangladesh  is affecting by economically, environmentally, Pressurizing on its  population   etc., due to continuation of refugee influx in to Bangladesh from Burma.  From 1978 the refugee influx in to Bangladesh started and it is not stopped so far despite almost 90% of the refugees have  been repatriated through negotiations with Burma military junta. It is because the Rohingyas  those who  repatriated were not given guarantee    either by UN or Junta about their honorable   return to their Native place, Arakan. Rather there was no Rohingya legal  Political Organization to represent and  deal Rohingya issues internationally. It is well known  to every body that the citizenship of Rohingya  was intentionally and planned wise rejected  by introducing citizenship act-1982 by the Burma military dictatorship. They were deprived  from enjoying all their fundamental rights and created harsh circumstances to leave their ancestral land Arakan  by  imposing restrictions on free movement within Arakan and traveling to the Capital, Yangon, Religion freedom, Education, doing of business, government services, Muslim marriage, new birth of the couple and medical treatment for why they are deserving for sympathizing, well-wishing and working for their well-being from humanitarian ground. In Arakan two major ethnic groups, the Rakhine and the Rohingya are prevailing. But as per the “devide and rule “policy of Junta , the Rakhines are free from above restrictions due to religious discrimination. Previously those who were repatriated to Arakan, they became again victims of Junta’s persecution for why they are now  intruding in to Bangladesh again family by family. If such a thing  prevails, the Rohingya refugee influx in to Bangladesh will never be stopped and Bangladesh will be affected severely.

Obviously, Bangladesh  should deal the Refugee issue very technically in order to reach in a permanent solution on Refugee influx in to Bangladesh territories for why Bangladesh government should take stern  measures to convince UN and USA to include Rohingya refugees`” Honorable  return with UN guarantee” as one of the  agendas  of the talk between US and Burma. As the impact of a successful forging  for their honorable return, the Rohingyas inside refugee  camps and out side the camps will express their willingness  to return to their Native place, Arakan. If they retrieved their fundamental rights in Arakan like other ethnic groups of Burma, they will not need to migrate or illegally intrude in to neighbor countries because Arakan, as well as whole Burma  is a natural resourceful country. Burma is about 5 times bigger than Bangladesh, and  Burma`s population is about 4 times lower than Bangladesh. So, if the Burma people can enjoy the fruits of real Democracy in future, none need to leave their country for livelihood.

By Nurul Islam


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