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How ...bizarre!
by Thanos Kalamidas
2009-10-04 09:15:51
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Beatle's essay found 50 years on

An essay written by Sir Paul McCartney as a 10-year-old has been found after lying undiscovered in Liverpool's Central Library for more than 50 years. Years before the Beatles received their MBEs, he beat hundreds of other school children to winbizarre01 a prize for his 1953 essay marking the Queen's coronation.
In neat handwriting, he refers to "the lovely young Queen Elizabeth".

In 2013, the library will display the essay - found in a scrapbook - to mark the 60th anniversary of the coronation.  Thought to be one of the earliest surviving written works by Sir Paul, the essay gave him an early taste of appearing in public.  Liverpool's Lord Mayor presented him with the prize - despite the work having been marked down for grammatical errors.

McCartney's neat writing has the same curly ends on capital letters which he used later on the "B" of "Beatles" on the group's drum skin.  The schoolboy compares the happy scenes expected outside Buckingham Palace with the coronation of William the Conqueror nine centuries earlier, when a massacre of Saxons took place.  He declares that Britain's "present day royalty rules with affection rather than force".

So, let it …be!


A Sneezing fetish

bizarre02The Commerce Police Department has taken an elderly Hopkins County man into custody and are preparing to charge him with aggravated assault, after he allegedly attacked a female store clerk by blowing a powdery substance in her face, twice.

The reason why the man did it is truly unusual, according to Commerce Police Chief Kerry Crews. “In my entire career I’ve never heard of anything like this,” Crews said. “I’ve checked with my detectives and they haven’t heard of anything like it either.” Officers were called to Commerce Hardware and Feed on Monday regarding a customer that blew a white powdery substance in an employees face. The employee was checking the suspect out and when he handed his check to her, he blew the substance in her face. She turned away to process his check and when she turned back to him, he did it a second time, waited in the store for a few minutes then left.

Crews said Investigator Steve Scott was able to identify the suspect and subsequently interview him regarding this offense. The substance in the incident turned out to be white pepper. “We found out he’s got a problem,” Crews said. “He becomes aroused by females sneezing.”

Bless you!!!


Disney World stops serving all-beef hot dogs

bizarre03Disney World is no longer offering all-beef hot dogs in its parks, opting for a beef-and-chicken mix instead. This decision, immediately placed into effect this week, was first reported by former Orlando Sentinel food critic Scott Joseph on his blog.

Disney has not yet released an official statement regarding the alteration to the recipe, but there are speculates that cutting costs was a factor in this measure. Reaction to this change is mostly negative. Many Disney bloggers posted on Twitter that they felt Casey's Corner, a restaurant in the Magic Kingdom specializing in quarter-pound hot dogs, would never be the same.

No more food for …Pluto!!!


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