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Iranian missiles
by Thanos Kalamidas
2009-09-28 07:52:39
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While everybody is talking about disarmament, Iran is testing another missile. This time it’s one with 170 km range and don’t forget that just a week ago the Iranian puppet president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad shocked the west by announcing that Iran has a second uranium enrichment plan – they had somehow forgotten to mention it until now! I have to admit that I find it harder and harder to accept the arguments on Iran’s right to nuclear power and I find the arguments that Iran wants a peaceful use of nuclear power getting thinner or the time.

First of all it took Mahmoud Ahmadinejad unbelievable and outrageous insolence to stand in the major global institution, the general summit of the UN, knowing that the entire world would react to what he said about the second plan, especially after it was kept secret for so long. That means that the Iranian dictators are either stupid or that they don’t give a damn about what the rest of the world thinks – of course there is a third possibility that combines the two! The thing is, they constructed the plan, it is operational and Iran is very close to build nuclear weapons.

This is were it comes to the second point; the Iranian dictators have shown in too many ways that their aims are not exactly friendly and peaceful, and that they think their survival depends on their military strength. For them nuclear weapons have become the Holy Grail. They have to have them. So even if there is some truth behind the peaceful use of nuclear power and even if there are people inside the Iranian Government who believe this, the truth is that a nuclear bomb is at the end of the road.

The Iranian leadership and their regime of puppets, including Ahmadinejad, are elements of a dictatorship that doesn’t have the support of the people, as we have witnessed internationally over the last few months. If the regime has managed to imprison and silence the voices for the time being, this is not going to last forever. Unfortunately in cases like Iran’s, the regime’s reaction to opposition is escalating dramatically and violently. And it has done so already according to the reports that manage to leak abroad. So in the case of Iran, we have a dangerous weapon in the hands of dangerous and unpredictable people.

I have often heard arguments for a balance of fear, but in Iran’s case there is a weird situation comparable with the balance of terror between India and Pakistan. Iran hasn’t got a specific ‘enemy’. Except for its want to dominate and conquer, in some senses Iran reminds me of the old USSR, where ideology was used as an excuse for a brutal regime and its dreams for global domination. In Iran’s case there is a visual target and it has been more visual the last few years with all things said, especially by the puppet president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. And the target is Israel. Actually the suspicious election of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to president emphasizes the ayotallahs’ obstinacy to target Israel.  Ahmadinejad has gone to extremes with the things he said against Israel, and often he actually threatens the country, either by mentioning its necessary destruction or by going after the holocaust. So what balance of terror are we talking about?

The United Nations as an institution is in crisis, and Ahmadinejad’s attitude just showed it one more time. Except for respect, the UN should also inspire fear. If you don’t follow the blueprint for global peace and prosperity then the UN will interfere. But after the American invasion of Iraq things have changed, and correctly Iran challenges its authority; the Americans did it first. This is why the UN needs its lost dignity back, and this is why it is up to all the nations united to give it back its dignity. There is no time to waste and this is what made Barrack Obama’s speech so important. But it was obviously not enough, action should be the next step and the decisions of the Security Council should be respected, not because they advantage certain geopolitical interests but because the decision will help global peace. That’s the council’s job.

Ahmadinejad announced that Iran has a second secret uranium enrichment plan and two days after his announcement Iran tested a new missile that is able to carry nuclear weapons and most importantly, he doesn’t care about the reaction. This is the time for the United Nations and especially for the Security Council to prove that nobody is unaccountable for their actions. This is no time to start the checking game again, which happened too often in the past with Iran’s nuclear facilities, “You can check the plan today, no tomorrow, and no you cannot check it now, come back in a month”. Let’s hope that in the meantime the people of Iran will find the power and the necessary strength to fight the regime that destroys them and leads them to an unpredictable doom.


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