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Barroso, Europe's mistake!
by Thanos Kalamidas
2009-09-19 09:43:55
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And Barroso it is! The European Parliament representatives, our representatives voted for him in a secret ballot; 382 to be precise, with 219 against and 117 abstained. Does this make Mr. Barroso feel strong, powerful? I doubt it, because the EU Commission has become just like a football team, and I’m not joking. If you follow football you know that the most insecure job, the one that definitely is not permanent, is the one of the coach. When the team wins, the players get all the credit, when the team loses, the coach gets fired. It’s as simple as that.

Now just like a football team – and with a little help of the international crisis – the European team is not doing so well. Luckily there is no second division to fall into. The almighty European team enjoyed being one of the top players for a long time together with the Americans, while the Russians were falling down from their throne. But Emperor Putin is insisting in putting the Russian team back in the lead and the European team can also feel the Chinese breathing behind its back! What is the coach doing? He looks grateful, because at least Africa and the Middle East still hold the bottom place!

José Manuel Barroso is the worst possible choice to lead the European Union to any future – but the former anti-imperialist and anti-capitalist was the only candidate for the position, the only choice! So the question now should not be why Mr. Barroso was voted president of the European Union again, but why there weren’t any other candidates? I think the answer can be found in …football! Nobody wants to be the coach in a team in a crisis, especially not before somebody takes the full blame for what’s going on. This is something Barroso is perfect for; to take full responsibility for the crisis and the results of the crisis.

In his acceptance speech, Mr. Barroso said that “my party is going to be Europe”, describing exactly what he thinks of the role of the European Commission and the role of the President of the Commission. Nobody in the EU Parliament told him that the Commission is not a party with an opportunist and populist leader, but an institution with high demands on it; representing not followers but the people of Europe, all the people of Europe!

When Mr. Barroso left his anti-capitalist roots behind him, he found his truth and real calling in the words of George W. Bush and Dick Cheney. For a long period the man was responsible for dividing Europe in good guys and bad guys, organizing critical meetings between the USA and EU, inviting only the chosen ones. However every critical decision in the European Union should be unanimous. The man became the instrument for the neo-republicans in controlling Europe and manipulating the Union to their own agendas. This is the President of the European Commission.

Barroso is right. He is a party leader, and he proved this with his irresponsible reaction to the result of the Irish referendum. He acted as a petit opportunist political party leader who lost – not as a European leader. Mr. Barroso failed in front the economic crisis that hit Europe. The crisis was there and everybody could see it. The crisis was a creation of the American economy and should never have hit Europe the way it did, for the simple reason that the European economy is far more state controlled than the American. The responsibility of the Commission was to prepare the people and the market and not follow the instructions of the Bush administration; instructions that led to confusion and catastrophe.

But as I said, the question is not why Mr. Barroso has won a second term, despite his failures, but why there were no other candidates. Names had been circulating for a long time, including those of Tony Blair or even former Finnish PM Paavo Lipponen. Was it because the crisis of Europe as an institution is not over yet, and everybody is waiting to see what will happen with the economy, the expansion and the final form of the champion’s league? Which teams will be in the lead and when is it best to act? Perhaps after the European constitution takes its final form and the President seat no longer looks like an electric chair. Mr. Barroso is not there because he is the one-eyed who can lead the blind – but because he is blind and nobody cares if he misses a step.

Of course this doesn’t include the European people, who are losing out every day. But that’s what referendums are for: one ‘no’ made the President of the Commission angry; many NO’s will make him go home for good!


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