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The long way from EU to Zimbabwe
by Thanos Kalamidas
2009-09-16 07:49:48
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I have the feeling that Europe never learns, and that’s one thing I have to admit that is different with the USA, especially when it comes to their foreign policy. When they have a crunch with a nation, nothing can change it, no matter what. Europe on the other side is too easy to forgive and forget, it doesn’t matter what the crime is. I think that’s because Europe’s geopolitical plans have always been short visional and …”let’s wait and see”!

Now what geological plans Europe might have that can motivate high level talks with a criminal dictator like Africa’s caricature Hitler, Robert Mugabe, I’m sorry I have no clue!!! Perhaps somebody around Barroso, another joke on the international political scene, has investments in Mugabe’s farms and mines and doesn’t like to lose them; there is no other logical explanation.

Robert Mugabe is a dictator, this is a fact. Robert Mugabe and his murderous cronies have robbed everything worth even a penny from Zimbabwe. They have kidnapped, tortured, imprisoned, raped and killed anybody opposing them. The lucky ones were only tortured! Anything worth even a penny this minute belongs to Robert Mugabe and his murderous cronies, and there thousands of Zimbabweans literally working like slaves for them. Kid slavery is their expertise. Robert Mugabe and his murderous cronies control the Zimbabwean army, police, security forces and groups of paramilitary criminals.

Morgan Tsvangirai, with or without agreeing or accepting, became his alibi to collect the last bits of dignity from this land, before escaping to some kind of brother dictatorship that will give him political asylum – exchanging asylum with tons of gold and diamonds that he has stole from Zimbabwe. Probably Morgan Tsvangirai thought that something had to be done for the good of the people, but Europe knew! Everybody suspected the plans Hitler had for the Jews in 1936, but everybody knew and they were still trying to talk with him, make deals and …peace! That cost millions of people dead, a holocaust in the centre of Europe and guilt that will hold on for centuries! Is Zimbabwe too far away?

Karel De Gucht expressed satisfaction with the talks he had with Mugabe; was the tea good? What about the scones? Did they have enough butter? What’s the matter Karel, did you forget to notice the blood on your scones? Do you know how many kids are dead because of Mugabe? Do you know how many women have been raped and murdered by Mugabe and his cronies? Do you know how many men have disappeared, been tortured and killed by Mugabe and his cronies? I suppose Karel is full of forgiveness! Just like his bosses, Barroso and Solana! What a pity they all forget that their bosses are the people of Europe and that soon will come the day when they will have to deal with many …Irish referendums, with many NO coming from every side of the continent!

De Gucht said the unbelievable, that he hoped that the president realised the need for "more understanding between the three principals - himself, the prime minister and the vice-prime minister". I suppose this was after he woke up! Mugabe is a dictator, Karel, and he doesn’t give a damn about what you hope or think; what he wants is time. Mugabe tries to postpone everything so that he will have time to run away in a case there is something left behind and he hasn’t move it to any of the Swiss banks he has the rest of the stolen items. And you, Karel, you are just playing his game, repeating the mistakes Europe did in the past! But Zimbabwe is not a neighbour to Switzerland and Belgium is not a neighbour to Botswana, Zambia, Mozambique or South Africa and so …who gives a damn! Especially not you Karel, nor your bosses Barroso or Solana!

Karel, do you know what they call people who help criminals? Murderers and especially mass murderers, serial killers like Robert Mugabe? They’re called an accomplice; that’s the word Karel. And guess what, you might never find yourself in a court as Mugabe’s accomplice, but you will always be in the minds and souls of the Zimbabwean people; every single one who dies; every single moment you shake hands with the dictator. And don’t worry Karel; they are going to be plenty! And your bosses will have their skeletons to count as well; it’s just that when it comes to Barroso and Solana, the skeletons are so many that they cannot differentiate nationality or continent anymore!


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