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Caption This! September 2009
by The Ovi Team
2009-09-01 07:32:15
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It is simple. Look at this photo of a ...Taliban and write a caption/speech bubble/thought bubble or anything else that captures your imagination.




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Get it off your chest
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Asa2009-09-01 09:33:12
What's that strange ticking noise?

Why do I have an uncooked pie on my head?

Thanos2009-09-01 11:59:02
New toys... playmobomb!!!

N2009-09-01 13:54:58
Worst job in the Talaban. Counting supposed dud RPGs.

Eva2009-09-01 17:28:15
Eeny, meeny, miny, moe....

Osama2009-09-01 21:12:21
I'll teach those arseholes in Finland to make fun of my people!

KKK (Alabama, USA)2009-09-01 21:15:11
Look "OVI" making fun of the Taliban is our job -- you keep to your own side of the street.

Jason Frederick, Grand Wizard, Alabama Ku Klux KLan

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