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" Yes I Arn't And No I Do"
by G. David Schwartz
2009-09-11 09:16:44
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I just know that I don’t know what to say
And that is quite a thing not to not know
But you know who really cares.
Beside you and me?
I once said no to your yes
And that caused a big why not
And I had little to so
Cept think and so I thought
And thought and though then sought
So seeking I saw and caught
Not the answers to our problem yes our problem  
So I simply sat and sat
And now, this huge now
Huger than a cow
And of course than a horse
Sat I down on cold, cold ground
Not making a solid sound
Yet not definitely too quiet
 We talked of your parents and my sisters
Death does take us all
But you and I are still alive
And plan to be for a while ‘

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