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Letter to a Young Artist in Canada
by David Sparenberg
2009-08-28 09:01:56
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Here is only a partial reply to your question.  While I have studied the world's religions, those of the present and several of the past, I now take little interest in t metaphysical or theological arguments.  What has become important to me is the wakefulness and vitality of the soul, of soul-to-soul communication, people finding their way to the pathos of the divine, individually and together, and our participation in the creative healing of the Earth, history and the human condition. 

Within this open invitation to take part in the voice of the hour, what President Obama calls "the fierce urgency of now," there are but three central tenets I adhere to: respect for life and the acknowledgement of vulnerability, which moves the heart to humility, courage and compassion; the recognition that there is an interconnecting intimacy of pathos that extends from the divine source throughout all of creation and which we are responsible to respond to, and that within the dynamic of the dialogue of response awaits the possibility of the prophetic promise of a steadily emerging and evolutionary globalization of peace, justice and lovingkindness, borne from creativity, respect and a sanctifying embrace of otherness. 

The furtherance of this communion of hallowing requires what James Endredy calls “counter practice” and I have no doubt that the creation of democratizing counter practices is revolutionary.  However, it is gentle and quiet revolution, which demands no bloodshed for accomplishment, but requests in the depth of living articulation a bonding commitment to the future mutuality and biotic integrity of planetary life.

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