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Let's Play Monopoly...Or Not!
by Leah Sellers
2009-08-26 07:33:51
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Uh-oh! Before we Spin the National Roulette Wheel on Healthcare, America - let’s have a Reality check!
The Insurance Companies (and the Banks They own and that in turn own/and or run the Insurance Companies - Is that confusing? Good, that is Their Intention) are a huge, National and International, Conglomerate, Megalithic, Monopoly.
Through the years, as the Insurance Companies grew Nationally and Globally and acquired more and more of everything (stocks of various businesses, land, buildings, Banks, board members of various businesses, bureaucratic systems and savvy, lawyers to push and enforce laws favoring the I.C’s, lobbyists to reward (or outright buy-off ) politicians in order to coax them into passing laws which favored the I.C.’s, etc...), American Wages have virtually stagnated, leading to Economic and Social suffering for the American People, while the I.C.’s premiums, perks and caustic rules and stipulations have doubled and bubbled (just like the housing market, auto market, business markets, healthcare markets they oversee, overcharge, over inflate and over speculate).
A Human Being is not a car, a house, a business (Oh, by the way, laws and legal situations created by the existence of I.C.’s force Us to have Insurance on All of these Things, as well as our Health. Ever wonder where all of those hundreds and thousands of dollars of individual and business monthly premiums are going?).
Morally and Ethically, Things can have pre-existing conditions - but not Human Beings. For Profit Only I.C.’s stepped into the realm of Immorality, Social Degradation and Societal Devolution when they decided to deal with Human Beings as Things - as Stuff.
Things move in and out of our Lives with amazing transient ease. The Gift of Human Life - and the Quality of that Life does not - and should not! Human Life is Sacred - Sacrosanct - beyond Measure or monetary value!
It is Immoral and Unethical to hold Human Beings - Human Lives to the same Standard as Things - as Stuff!
The Government, which by the way is Us - We, the People - is the only Entity in today’s World powerful enough to Right this Individual and Social Wrong!
Every Human Being on this Planet - in this Great Nation - the United States of America has the Inalienable Right to be treated as a Human Being - not a Thing!
Things are bought and sold - just as Slaves are bought and sold.
Are We Free - Life Seeking - Liberty Seeking - Happiness Seeking - Free Men and Women - Free Americans, or Things - Slaves to be bought and sold - to be held down by, and in servitude to the Insurance Companies and Banking Megalithic Monopolies?
Is America the Land of the Free or the Land of the Bought and Sold?
Free Market Trade is as Free Market Trade does. There is nothing Free Market about the National and International Megalithic Insurance Companies and Banks which hold All of Us Hostage and label Us as Things - as Stuff - as Slaves (with pre-existing and cap and trade conditions and stipulations). They are Monopolies! They stymie and manipulate Trade to their powerful, self-interested, ambitious advantage. Monopolies are Economic and Social Bullies, who have oodles and boodles of money to spend on propagandizing airwave and boob tube Bully pulpits and Fear Mongers.
What’s even more amazing is that We, the People allow them to do it, and to Be it. We have allowed them to gradually turn up the heat while creating self-serving, malevolent, bureaucratic and legal systems to keep Us under lock and key - under their Control. And consider their Abuse of Power the Status Quo!
Have We forgotten that when We Support and Serve Our Government - We Support and Serve OurSelves? In a Democratic Republic, when We, the People view the Government as our Enemy - We are saying that We are an Enemy to Ourselves. How logical is that?
Now that the ’Sleeping Giant’ has Awakened, and the Powers that Be know we’re Aware, Watching and Regulating - let’s take Our Freedom to Choose and Make our Future’s and Standards of Living Better - more Just - more Humane - Healthier.
Yes, We have a right to mumble, grumble and at times shout out that Our Government, as a Bureaucratic Entity, has become too overblown - too hedonistic - too greedy - too arrogantly full of Itself over the years. But so did We All. Just flip through the channels of the Boob Tube for ten minutes. It defines Who We All Are - what We’re Becoming!
The Question is Who Do We Want to Be? Who Do We Want and Need to Become? This Questioning Process is chaotic, scary and at times energy draining, but it’s a Good Thing. It’s the Essence of the Heart of America. The Freedom to Question. The Freedom to Choose. The Freedom to Change the Status Quo when it no longer Works for and Benefits the Totality of the Nation.
We, the People have a Voice - have a Say in how Our Government Works for Us. But We do not have a Voice - a Say - in Private For Profit Only Megalithic Monopolies who hide behind the Lie that We still operate under a Free Market System. Free for Whom? Fair and Just for Whom? Supporting and Serving Whom? Freely Trading, Moving and Manipulating for Whom? Freely Benefiting Whom?
The National and International Insurance Companies and Banks have already shown the True Nature of their Beast. We are Things - Slaves to their life sucking, money siphoning systems. Our only effective way to bring costs down across the board, to make all areas of Our Lives more affordable, is for We, the People to take charge, and participate in cooperatively creating better Systems for All Americans.
The Government is the Constitutional Representative Tool created to give We, the People A Voice - a Choice in how some Things get Done or unDone. It is the only defensive (and at time offensive) mechanism We, the People have to effect/affect and exert some sort of Control over Things - over Our Lives.
Why are We handing Our Power over to the seductive lies, empty promises and comforting (so-called) Status Quo of the Insurance Companies and Banking Monopolies?
We have a President in office right now, and politicians in office right now, who are willing to fight the I.C.’s stranglehold and help level the playing field. Are We, the People going to allow this Golden Opportunity to pass Us by?
We have People in office right now who are Willing to do what is Right for All Americans. Not just a lucky or privileged few Americans. The President, Representatives and Senators have to deal with, and be tempted by, the Megalithic entities of the World every day. They Know full well, and Understand just Who and What they are up against.
That’s why Our Vote - Our Voice - Our Town Hall Meetings - Our Seeking to be as Informed (and not purely reactionary) as possible - Our Democratic Republic Government are the Key Stones of Our successful navigation through the murky and tumultuous Modern Day New World of National and International Megalithic Monopolies.
Due to ever expanding Modern Technologies and Communication Grids, and common Human Greed for power and control, Megalithic Monopolies are the New World Reality. Free Market Trade is an ever shrinking Illusion.
Only through Our Government do We, the People have any Chance of Busting Megalithic Monopolies that won’t Work to Benefit Us as Individuals, and as a Nation, as well as themselves (which they will always most assuredly do).
Megalithic Corporate, Insurance and Banking Monopolies keep Us steeped in Debt because it Works to their advantage - not Ours. Keeping Us in Debt keeps Us under their thumb - under their dominating and ever present control. They manipulate Fear Mongering Cycles of Feast and Famine - Bubble or Bust - to instill Fear within our Individual and National Psyches. It’s all a National and International Mind Game.
Why have We, the People allowed the creation and continuation of Systems that bankrupt and ruin Us economically and socially when We get sick or injured? Why must We, the People be forced to take on home loans that take Us 40 years to pay off, instead of five years? Why do We, the People continue to perpetuate Systems that demand Our abilities and aptitudes to Consume and remain Indebted rather than to Conserve?
It makes no Sense!
It is up to We, the People to put the overfed, overblown, over indulged Megalithic Monopolies on a Diet! We, the People can only do that successfully through Our Government - Our Vote - Our Voice - Our Town Hall Meetings - Our Individual and Collective Wills.
Is this still the ‘Home of the Brave’? The Home of Freedom, and Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness for All or just the lucky few (who are becoming fewer and fewer)?
We, the People, and the Laws We create are what maintain and protect our Freedoms and Liberties. We, the People, give our Institutions and Laws Life and a Social Conscience.
Yes, We’ll have to Work at it - Work to Sustain and Nurture it. But America is a Nation - an Idea - a luminous Vision worth the Effort. Human Beings and High Ideals are worth the chaotic and arduous Effort.
Can We not put Our Fears and the Fear Mongers aside and concentrate on Doing what is rationally Right for All Americans - All Free Living, Breathing Human Beings who need affordable proper and expedient Healthcare in order to have Quality of Life - in order to effectively Live and Pursue the American Dream?
Can We, the People become Megalithic Monopoly Busters?
The Insurance Companies and Banks will continue to navigate and maneuver the Economic Oceans, but We, the People can at least become more Respected Prey. Perhaps, in Standing Up to them with different and more Just and Humane ways to handle Our Economic difficulties and entanglements, they will be forced to approach Us more cautiously. And perchance, give Us more Breathing Space as We attempt to renew some of the Shared Realities of Free Market Trade, which gets its Life’s Blood from entrepreneurs and small businesses - not Megalithic, Meglomaniacal, Amoral, Monopolies.
Are We, the People Things? Are We Stuff? Are We Slaves? Or are We, the People actively participating in Governing Ourselves, Our Futures and Our Children’s Futures? Or are We, the People sensibly problem solving, Free Thinking Human Beings?

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Emanuel Paparella2009-08-26 09:41:12
Indeed Leah, there is a conspiracy of hope afoot in the land of savage dehumanizing capitalism whrein the gold calf and idol "free market," so called, is worshipped. It is the hope of our humanity. For, as the great humanist Vaclav Havel aptly puts it: “Impersonal manipulative forces can be resisted only by the one true power we all possess: our own humanity.”

Leah Sellers2009-08-28 16:48:12
Amen, Brother Emanuel, Amen !

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