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But ...seriously
by Thanos Kalamidas
2009-08-16 10:50:07
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Mystery still surrounds the whereabouts of the commercial ship Arctic Sea, and a lot of speculation and talk is going on. Including extended suspicions of piracy in the North Sea, keeping Russian and Scandinavian governments in alarm, and the Russian fleet cruising around trying to find out what really happened.

Suspicion and speculation extend to political party funding in Scandinavia, including the Finnish Prime Minister and Finland’s reputation as one of the world’s least corrupt countries. However the list of enterprises that have been funding the political parties in Finland - including state-owned enterprises - seems to get longer by the day. It’s not only the politicians and governing parties that are being questioned, but the entire political foundation.

serious01_400International dignity has definitely been wounded after finding the remains of five prisoners of war in the occupied part of Cyprus. Atrocities happened during the Turkish invasion of the island, and they continued during the first period of the occupation, with innocent victims and war prisoners, like the five men who apparently were photographed by a Turkish photographer during their captivity. Oddly, at the moment more and more similar cases reach the international courts, while Turkey seems to be enjoying some kind of immunity, going as far as applying for membership in a constitution where the democracy of Cyprus is a full member!

To make things even more interesting, Cyprus will take over the presidency of the EU from January 2010. This makes everybody wonder how Turkey will react to the fact that they will have to negotiate their membership with a nation that has the Turkey’s army occupying the northern part of their nation.

Honouring their innocent dead and victims of brutality, seems not only to be Cyprus’ privilege, since Poland this week buried the remains of more than 2,000 people that were discovered in Poland’s largest mass grave from WW II. The victims were believed to be civilians, both German and Polish, who died during the last months of the war. It was a good opportunity to put the two neighbouring nations side by side, despite all the disagreements that seem to have risen over the last decade.

Neighbours with problems seem to be common in northern Europe, with Russia leaving a lot of hints to Georgia during the latest visit of Prime Minister Vladimir Putin to the latest independent state, Abkhazia. Apart from the hints, there were a few open warnings as well, with the Russians adding more army in the bases around the region of Abkhazia and South Ossetia.

But Europe has another side too; the sometimes odd, weird, funny, sad side of Berlusconi’s Italy holding a record. This time the record has to do with lotto and the super lottery fever that has reached not only Italians, but travellers from all around Europe, who travel to Italy just to join in the fever, hoping to win the record jackpot that have reached the unbelievable amount of 140 million euros! Perhaps this is the future of the tourist industry; lotto holidays!

Talking about holidays, this weekend most Europeans go on holiday, nearly everybody is trying to enjoy some days away from the city and the office. This doesn’t include German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who is in the beginning of a very interesting campaign for the closing elections. On one side, the German chancellor has to deal with a candidate from the same party who promotes Christian democratic women having more to offer; showing Merkel and herself wearing evening dresses that are very …apocalyptic. On the other side is a new political movement that suggests that there is a solution to unemployment; they have calculated how many people would find work if Germany rebuilt the Wall!!!

Walls obviously don’t stop Michael Jackson from making more money, even after death, and before his body is laid to rest in its final place. Calculations show that in the weeks after his death, the King of Pop has already earned over a hundred million dollars, making him the most profitable artist after death! Probably that’s the way to see that there is life after death!
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Get it off your chest
 (comments policy)

Emanuel Paparella2009-08-16 11:58:06
Ah, lotto mania in Italy! I forgot to buy a ticket. If one cannot fix the social problems one takes refuge in the persnal and plays the lotto fantasizing on the solution of all one's problems and to hell with the common good and voting in EU elections.

As far as the rest of Europe coming to Italy to play the lotto, well, that too has always been the case in Italy; foreigners have always come into Italy to play at something or other...; that is why they call Italy the garden of Europe...But there is a problem now, those who go to Italy for whatever reason may run into the so called "ronde" or vigilante fascist slightly xenophobic groups patrolling the streets out to "clean" Italy.

But one need not go to Italy for that; one can find the phenomenon in the Netherlands too nowadays. The ironies of history.

Thanos2009-08-16 21:39:32
Don't worry, lotto mania there is even in Finland!!! :))

Thanos2009-08-16 21:48:06
btw I watched an extended report about those "vigilante" from BBC and the feeling it left was very ...fascist!

Ian Betts2009-08-17 15:10:14
The talk of Turkey committing atrocities during the intervention of 1974 is yet another example of the escalating propaganda presented by the Greek half of Cyprus. They conveniently overlook the atrocities that were perpetraed by themselves prior to the intervention, and tat in themslves created the need for Turkey to intercede. What aboyt the missing bus, the Turkish Cypriot ptients who disappeared from hospital reputedly minced up on a pig farm. There will never be a reasonable coming together in Cyprus until both sides admit that uncessesary violence has been committed in the past. The fact that Cyprus is even a member of the EU without the inclusion of The Turkich half is a travesty, and given the current level and poor one sided quality of the GC media machine, one is left feeling that the oncominf exercise will be a disaster for The Greek cause, as other Europeans start to put their case in perspective.

Thanos2009-08-17 21:38:35
Fortunately history has to do with facts and not ...propaganda. So I will suggest you to read history starting from the decisions of the UN Security Counsel, from 1974 till now. Regarding the other ...Europeans' perspective I suppose you mean ...who? Germany, France, UK, Belgium, Holland, Sweden?

ap2009-08-18 12:50:45
Ian, I think people from different countries inside Europe pretty much agree that Turkey has to be willing to solve the problem in Cyprus (not only recognize what they did there in the past, but also take their troops out of the country, etc.) if they want to have a chance to become a member of the EU. EU cannot afford to have this kind of problem inside it as an institution, and affecting the memory and dignity not only of one but two of its member states (both Cyprus and Greece). So it has to be solved as soon as possible and in a reasonable way, if Turkey wants to go ahead with their intentions.

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