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"Defining God?"
by Leah Sellers
2009-08-21 07:54:58
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Baptized in the Waters of Life
Baptized in the Waters of Mother's Womb
Crying out - Reaching out - First Breath drawn
I long for the Cosmic Relationship - the Connection
I slid away from - swam away Form
Later, Stood up from all Fours
And Walked away from
I long to be One with the One
The Creator - the Weaver of the All
Baptized in the Waters of Life
With Fiery Zeal and Backbone of Steel I tread
I know those Holy Places within me
Are the Watery Energetic Wells of Plenty
When this Thirsty Sojourner's Lips and Heart
Are parched by the blistering, withering draughts and Desert Storms
Life can Bring
Baptized in the Waters of Life
In the Energetic Womb of the Cosmos - of the One
No matter how far I may Roam
Or which Misstep I may Take
I am never far from - never lost
Never banished from my Maker's Weaving embrace
The Cosmic Dwelling, Within and Without, of the One

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