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"In the Line of Fire"
by Leah Sellers
2009-08-17 07:45:09
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That trickle of Sweat down the Soldier's Cheek
Holds his Hope for continued Life
And the Courage to do what's Right
That Sweat on his Brow from Days of Marching
Days of carefully nudging the enemy out
Of dark holes and caves
And out - out into the Light
The Sweat on Soldier's Cheek and Brow
Crosses the Tear stained Trails
Upon the Faces of Those they Love
In the intertwining of Salt of the Living Earth
And Salt of the Human Seas
We Remember - Soldier and Those they Love
And who Love Them in Return -
Waiting and Wanting the Soldier to Return -
While under fire by seeming Demons below
And occasionally Brushed by Angels from Above
We are All of Us an Ocean of intermingling Sweat and Tears
To fire upon One is to fire upon Us All

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