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Some Quick and Easy Steps to Poverty in America
by Leah Sellers
2009-08-02 10:24:22
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One of the most common Steps to bankruptcy and the Road to Poverty in America is through your Health.
That’s right! Just get seriously ill with a ‘pre-existing condition’ the insurance companies don’t want to pay for (even though that’s what your monthly payments were supposedly paying for). Just get seriously ill with insurance that only pays 80% of the total exorbitant medical expenses (leaving you stuck with the other exorbitant 20%). Costs which land you thousands of dollars into personal debt, and in most cases, taking you years to pay off (if ever). Just get injured on the job, and be put at the Mercy of the UnMerciful Hands of the Workers’ Compensation Insurance System.
Yes, approximately 62% of American bankruptcies are due to America’s present Costly Medical Insurance System. America’s Insurance Leviathan. The Insurance Leviathan’s cold-blooded coils are wrapped expertly and methodically (there is a Method to their greedy, far reaching Madness) around the Lives of every American Citizen. And the costs of Medical Care (or should we call it Care-lessness) keep going dynamically up and up, while Our Average American incomes remain stagnantly the same. But still (and predictably), the Insurance Leviathan’s muscle bound coils squeeze tighter and tighter.
The Insurance Leviathan preys upon Our Fears, because, as We All know, Life is a Risky and Uncertain Business (ka-ching, ka-ching). American Citizens are but Faceless Food for the Insurance Leviathan. Our puny Lives (mishaps and illnesses) keep It alive - keep giving the Insurance Leviathan the Sustenance, Strength and Power (economically, legally and culturally) to squeeze Us dry, and gobble Us up faster and more efficiently.
 After all, the Insurance Leviathan may be cold-blooded, insatiably avaricious, and Conscienceless, but it is a well groomed and well kept Professional Serpent of the National (and International) Business Community. It is a lean, mean fully scaled, fighting and eating machine of Profit and for Profit. Besides, it is a Common Sense expectation for all Serpents (for Profit or not) to ‘Speak (and hiss) with a Forked Tongue’.
But, perhaps the American Citizens driven into Poverty, and the uncomfortable roles of Social Outcast, should be more Understanding about being left in Pain and Crippled or dying of various treatable cancers and other treatable or terminal diseases. Why should the Insurance Leviathan ’pay out’, when sick patients are in a position to no longer ’pay in’? What value are the Infirmed or Unfortunate to the Insurance Leviathan or to Society as a Whole? Sick and Unfortunate people are a Burden on Society and should be ’let go’ - cut from the Herd - set adrift with no paddles and no sail - shunned and left to wither away into Nothingness - into the Abyss of the Social Outcasts - the Leperous Invisibles.
That’s right! When you’re too sick to Work, to be an effective and worthwhile part of the American Collective (which espouses Compassion and likes to believe in the existence of the Ideals of Individual Rights and Liberties), then You are a Burden - a drag on the overall Function of the System. And the Insurance Leviathan (and its actuaries) believe that the Older You become the less Worthy you are of their Attention, Access to Care, Exertions, Costs and Maintenance. The Older You are, the less Value You have (unlike Lifeless objects we call Antiques which earn Value and Adulation as they Age throughout the years). Oh, the little ironies of Life and Cultural Value Systems!
For example, one such sickly, worthless, aging (and now poverty stricken) reprobate (a teacher who was seriously injured on the job by one of her students, and Old enough to have everything about her Health labeled as ’pre-existing’), has had the audacious perseverance (and Idealistic stubborness) to try and make the Insurance Leviathan ’Fix her”; so that she can once again enjoy the active quality of Life she knew before her ’on the job’ injury, and return to Work. Despite, being made Impoverished by this Insurance Leviathan (because in her State, teachers are not paid Workers’ Benefits for four months out of the year that all other Workers are being paid), she has hung on like ’a Dog with a Bone (of Contention), because her hackles toward Injustice, Inequity, and Inhumanity were raised.
The Insurance Leviathan has done everything within its formidable Power to discourage (and hammer down) this sickly, worthless, aging (and now poverty stricken) reprobate, but to no avail. In fact, the Insurance Leviathan really took offense when the ’sickly, worthless, aging (and now poverty stricken) reprobate’ refused to continue to take the powerful and physiologically damaging (in the long term) Pain Killers prescribed to her. These medications, and getting patients addicted to them, are far more useful to the Insurance Leviathan in the long run, because the Pain Killers (physical and emotional) are less expensive than surgery and other healing procedures, therapies and techniques. People who are too doped up to feel physical or emotional pain will hardly ever turn into ’squeaky wheels’ of contention demanding better medical care. And, pharmaceutical drug addicts will eventually need even more Insurance, and Costly Care, to kick the habit offered to them by today’s modern medical (Insurance Leviathan) practices. That’s just more Money coughed up into their insatiable, slithery, corporate coils and coffers.
The Insurance Leviathan has made sure that our American laws and cultural values will squeeze the sickly, worthless, aging, poverty stricken reprobates tighter and tighter. Until, crippled, in pain, financially broken, homeless or dying they will Let Go of their demands upon the Insurance Leviathan. And trouble someone else - become a Burden to someone else (your Family, your Friends, your Community). If the Insurance Leviathan is no longer made to (through laws and other seats of power) to See you, Hear you or have to Speak to or Acknowledge you (the sickly, worthless, aging, poverty stricken reprobates), then you no longer Exist for them. You no longer Burden them. Good riddance!
The Insurance Leviathan has no Social Conscience. It does not care that it has left You Broken and Penniless. It does not care that your ailment, and struggle with its entangling Systems to get Just and Equitable Healthcare, has left you an Impoverished Social Outcast and possibly Criminalized you. The Insurance Leviathan does not care about the 62% of Americans it has helped to bankrupt. The Insurance Leviathan does not care about the sickly, and their overwhelmed Families, who have lost their Homes or had their automobiles repossessed making it even more difficult for a (so called) Living to be made. Those who fall behind on their automobile insurance payments, and monthly automobile payments or lose their licenses due to lack of funds, are fined and criminalized when they continue to use their vehicles to get to their doctor’s offices or end up living inside their automobiles for Shelter, because they have lost the ability to maintain the basic necessities of a stable Shelter and a Life of Self-Reliance.
The Insurance Leviathan doesn’t care that some of these ‘sickly, worthless, aging, and poverty stricken reprobates’ wind up at the Salvation Army or under a bridge somewhere. Out of Sight - out of Mind - out of Social Consciousness. After all, people Healthy enough - Fortunate enough (there but for the Grace of God, go I) to still be living in Houses, and with the abilities to keep up with the Jones’ and the Insurance Leviathan feel they have every right to look down upon and push away those’ lazy, no account, good for nothing’s’ - those Social Lepers. Surely, there is a dark and dank Cave somewhere, big enough to Hole all of the sickly, worthless, aging, poverty stricken reprobates into.
But, hey! America has the greatest and most modernized Medical System in the World - right? Americans get to Choose what part of the Insurance Leviathan’s dysfunctional, overpriced, corrupted System they want to use - right? Who really cares about the cost (Economically, Ethically, Morally, Individually and Socially) to the Human Beings Living within the Insurance Leviathan’s coils? What Right do American Citizens have to complain or whine? After all, Health is a luxury - not an Enlightened and Modern Society’s Right which helps to maintain their abilities to ’pursue’ their corollary Rights to Life, Liberty and Happiness. All self important Insurance Leviathans know that, and therefore, so should everyone else.
Just leave the under insured and uninsured to us, the members of the mighty and formidable Insurance Leviathan. We’ll give them a Teachable Moment. We’ll Teach them all about the Quick and Easy Steps to Poverty in America. We’ll Swallow ’em whole. Spit their Bones out and contentedly slither on to our next actuarial target. Every Result leads to a Consequence.
The Efforts, of the members of the Insurance Leviathan, at Penny Pinching and Penny Squeezing will pay for a dreamy Corporate Conference at the Fiji Islands this year (and the next), if they like. Not to mention all of their well deserved and hard earned Bonuses for saving the Corporation a few bucks here and there. Yep, it's been a good run for the Insurance Leviathan as a whole these past many years.
Let’s drink a toast of celebration and gratitude to all of the sickly and needy American Citizens who have made the Insurance Leviathan’s members ‘puttin’ on the Ritz’ Lifestyles possible! In turn, the members of the Insurance Leviathan salute all American Citizens! Your quiet acquiescence to and shared culpability with the Insurance Leviathan’s greedy, unethical and immoral attitudes and behaviors, has made our great American Healthcare System possible. Made it flourish! All hail to Malevolent Capitalism - down with Benevolent, Socially Conscious Capitalism! Just think of the new Toys, Clothes, Second Houses and Trinkets the members of the Insurance Leviathan can buy with those Bonuses this year! The native drums of the Fiji Islands (and other exotic places) are callin’ them, now! Yep, this is the Good Life! The members of the Insurance Leviathan are Living the American Dream at the expense of Others! Isn’t that what Life’s all about, anyway?!

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Anastasios2009-08-02 19:24:47
15 years when premiums were a lot more decent, I had a family member in great need of medical care. Our bills were exorbitant, and the greed of most medical providers was unprecedented, unlike anything I had experienced before in my life. On one occasion, one of the providers was trying hard to prevent me from buying a medical apparatus which at the time would cost me around $1,200.00, just to have me keep renting from them at a monthly fee of $550.00. Imagine the profit they were making doing it this way.. Greed in health insurance is criminal. It is also sickening America!

Leah Sellers2009-08-04 19:11:38
Dear Anastasios,
I am sorry that you, and your Family were put through such a medical and financial trial. And could not agree more with you concerning the fact that For Profit Greed is crippling and Sickening America.
I do Hope that things are better with you and your Family now.

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