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The Giant Insurance Squids are Circling
by Leah Sellers
2009-07-26 09:46:47
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Yo-ho-ho, and a Bottle of Slog!
The Giant Insurance Squids and Profiteering Fascist Sharks live 20,000 leagues (or more) below in the Watery depths of the American Republic's Capitalistic Consciousness. Circling ever circling. Creating a Vortex of Avarice, Control and Power threatening to take the Nation, as a whole, down into its ever hungry Black Hole.
Yes, the Giant Insurance Squids (and their Profiteering Fascist Shark Buddies) have quietly, slowly, and sneakily grabbed hold of, monopolized and suctioned off every part of the American Fiscal and Social structure and culture with their tentacles (and jaws) of control and power. Americans have gradually been fear mongered into having to insure everything. Our Homes - Our Health - Our Automobiles - Our Businesses - Our Recreations - Our Lives! For the Profit and Value of a Few and the not the Profit and Value of All!
 At this moment in Time and History the American president (Mr. Obama) is leading the daunting and dangerous Congressional Fishing Expedition to make the American Fiscal and Social Waters safer and more equitable for every Citizen (all peon fishies, serf eels, dancing dolphin mid-streamers, and great ’blow hole’ whales, alike). Especially in the area of Healthcare.
 However, this bravely led Congressional Fishing Expedition is charting some very treacherous and volatile Waters. Why? Because the Giant Insurance Squids (and their Profiteering Fascist Shark Buddies) own Banks (and many are on their Boards), Pharmaceutical companies (and many are on their Boards), Hospitals and Clinics (and many are on their Boards), Medical Schools (and many are on their Boards), Medical Supplies Companies (and many are on their Boards), Lawyers, Lobbyists, Politicians, Air-Wave and Boob Tube Companies (their commercials pay for much of their programming costs), and the list goes on. The Giant Insurance Squids’ tentacles and the Profiteering Fascist Sharks jaws have wrapped around and clamped down upon every part of Our American Fiscal and Social Life, and yet they (and their cohorts) claim that the American Government (which serves and exists For the People and By the People) is trying to monopolize and socialize (because this is one of their many scary, McCarthyistic, monster terms) the American Healthcare system.
 Who’s monopolizing (and manipulating) Who?
It makes perfect sense that the Giant Insurance Squids and their Profiteering Fascist Shark Buddies, who have been raking in (sucking in and gulping down) the ever growing expanse of the big bucks - the treasure trove - the booty, over these many years (and expanding populations) at the expense of the innumerable carcasses of the diseased, hurt and disabled American Citizens, don’t want their minnow rich, peon fish laden, serf eel swirling, dancing dolphin mid-streamers splashing, great “blow hole” whale ridden Waters to be rocked and rolled. They want all of us to leave well (whale) enough alone. Keep your Do-Gooder, Socially Conscientious Hands off of our hard earned, manipulated and monopolized National and Global Loot or we’ll give you the Scoot with Our Pirate’s Boot!
We Giant Insurance Squids and our Profiteering Fascist Shark Buddies don’t care that approximately 62% of all American bankruptcies have been brought about by sky high medical costs and bills. We don’t care that the Do-Gooders and Bleeding Hearts with a Social Conscience think that it is immoral and unethical for doctors (and Our cold-blooded, Fishy Selves) to make themselves (and Ourselves) rich off of the Sick - the Infirmed - the Disabled. Patients are merely a Commodity - a dollar sign - within a malevolent, avaricious, purely profiteering, Capitalistic structure. And that’s what we prefer to swim around and feed within.
Nothing life shaking has happened to Us or to our Families, so why should we care? It’s perfectly moral to profit off of Sick people! Any good and God fearing Giant Insurance Squid and Profiteering Fascist Shark Buddy knows that! What’s wrong with all of you average under insured and uninsured American cry babies who can’t afford decent or humane healthcare? Just because you can’t pursue Life, Liberty and Happiness because you’re too sick and (bankrupted by us) to do so, is no fault or failing of Ours. The fault and failing is Yours, you peon fish, serf eels, dancing dolphin mid-streamers, and great ‘blow hole’ whales! Stop whining and just ‘go along to get along’! Don’t you know a good thing when you’ve got it? Look at all of the Freedom of Choice you have to remain under insured (because you can’t afford better) or not insured at all (because you can’t afford insurance at all, have a pre-existing illness or have lost your job)!
We’re all creatures of the Watery depths! It’s only natural that we would create the same types of empty, sugar coated, superficial, Foamy Fiscal Bubbles as we helped our Profiteering Fascist Speculating Land Shark Buddies create in the American Housing Fiasco! After all, we insure Houses (and all of your belongings) as well! Any Fear Mongered American Citizen would be foolish not to Insure (ensure) everything with Us! After all, you never know when bad things in Life are gonna befall you! Every second is a Ticking Time Bomb!
America’s Fiscal and Social decline and dissemination is a Consequence of Malevolent Profiteering at its finest! We know it! We’re proud of it! If America gets washed up upon the Shores of Fiscal and Social Desolation and Ruin we (the Giant Insurance Squids and Profiteering Fascist Shark Buddies) will just be Positioned and Ready to move on to more promising and carcass rich Waters! There are other Nations rising upon the Fiscal and Social horizons ripe for the taking! We’ve already chummed the Waters! Malevolent Capitalistic Success will be ours, at the expense of EveryOne (except yours truly) and every Nation! These are Global Chum Waters we’re cruisin’ and bruisin’ around in!
We don’t have Time for Benevolent Capitalists or Bleeding Heart Do-Gooders with a Social Conscience! The only Freedom we care about is Freedom to make a Profit! We’ll fake the rest in the interest (and self interest) of Good Business! We Giant Insurance Squids and our Profiteering Fascist Shark Buddies swim to a different Rip Tide. We’ll keep the American Fiscal and Social Waters blackly and secretly inked up and seductively chummed up. We’ll keep the Americans blindly complaining, arguing, confused, misinformed and bumping around in our Air-Wave and Boob Tube propagandizing.
We don’t want the American People getting a grasp on the fact that today’s struggle over affordable Healthcare For All American Citizen’s is really a struggle against the tentacle bureaucracies of the Giant Insurance Squid’s (and their Profiteering Fascist Shark Buddies) Profit and Value for the Few Mentality over the Government bureaucracies Healthcare System which would offer Profit, Value and Use For All American Citizens Mentality. We don’t want the American Public Understanding that the American Government is the only Entity strong enough - powerful enough - connected enough to take Us on successfully. We don’t want the American People Realizing and Comprehending that there is more for Them to lose if the Congressional Fishing Expedition fails to establish the Groundwork and Framework for a more equitable and affordable Healthcare System this time around. We want this National Issue to lose momentum, and fizzle out. Because, once again, We’ll make sure that this Topic of Conversation and Change of Healthcare Venue stays drowned, Un-resuscitated and buried for as long as we can keep it down. We don’t want the American Consumer Fishies (those tasty little morsels) getting a whiff of what’s really churning and swimming around 20,000 leagues (or more) beneath them. The sight of our profit centered, controlling and powerful Giant Insurance Squids (and all of our holdings) and Profiteering Fascist Shark Buddy Entities would probably frighten them away, rather than continue lure them in. And we have spent so much Money, Favors, Time and Effort to ink the American Public in the Face, Eyes and Ears, and blindly, attract them into our Chum Waters.
So, this is a Call to Arms (Tentacles and Fins, rather)! Tentacles up! Fins out! Stretch, stretch! Suck, suck! Circle, circle! Now bring the Little Fishies (those tasty little morsels) in for Dinner! And we’ll wash them All down with a - Yo-ho-ho, and a Bottle of Slog!

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