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"Crucified Children"
by David Sparenberg
2009-07-29 10:57:00
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After a long silence, the women answered: "The most important thing
that anyone could do would be to help collect the bodies that line the
streets in front of our homes every morning. No one dares to touch them,
but for us it is unbearable to have to expose our children to such images every day as we try to bring them to school."
 – Iraq, 12 April 2007

Santa Marie
Jesus our Angel
Son of a Human
Virgin Madonna
Red Rose
White Lotus
Crown of Thorns
Field of Crosses
Mohammad Mouthpiece
Tongues of Apostles
Liberator of slaves
throughout the world
we are the blood-
crucified children
in these faces
as orphans
withered while tender
in our greenness
San Angelo, little
little San Angelo
child of wings
hurried to heaven
the martyr
Red Rose
White Lotus
Lily of Crosses
our scapegoat
stained with  the murderous
Crown of Thorns
throughout a life time
we are the tattered
tattered and torn
pray for us often
tonight and tomorrow
souls in war’s exile
flaming Madonna
Seal of the Prophets
and slaughtering
the wanderer
the orphan
hunger eternal
our Mother of Ashes
martyring angels
in these faces
O Santa
Maria, Santa Maria!
Mary the Virgin
Mary the Pregnant
Mary the Mother
Mary the Prophet
Abraham Father
our Witness
Jesus Blood Naked
nailed to men’s evils
O Santa Maria
Son of a Daughter
Mother of Sorrows
of Burned Roses
Crucified Children
weeping White Lotus
(death in all places)
pray for us
humans now
and hereafter
pray for us often
O Momma
Momma Maria!
from the play SHADOWS (Plays for an American Activist Theater)
by David Sparenberg

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Get it off your chest
 (comments policy)

Alexander Mikhaylov2009-07-29 19:18:10
Really and truly... we live in interesting times… This piece of so-called ’poetry’ (or is it a church hymn of sorts? – one might get slightly confused over this point, stylistically speaking) is yet another good example of our Bright New World’ish revolutionary, properly concocted and politically correct ‘art’. Well, well, well… “Momma Maria…” I’ve never heard that one before, but I think it’s great! What’s next? “Poppa Jesus man!”? “Yo! Swell Jesus!”? Huh…But seriously speaking, a few things come to my mind, though. Isn’t it curious, how well our present day liberal and Freudian-Marxist activists adopt all overused and forever tired commercial and political clichés of their ideological opponents, such as suffering/dying children, for instance ( here, it is “Crucified Children” – but… What does it mean, exactly? Poetical metaphor? A hint on true crime? I mean, what children the author is continually harping about, and who and where has crucified them? Not to mention yet another pearl (from the usual liberal arsenal of brain washing weapons) – namely, invoking guilt and self-loathing over some unspecified ‘crime on humanity’, in this case , a constant use of ‘we’ – which should be translated as “we are guilty party, we are responsible”, etc. Really, after reading this, (and much more of such stuff) one must (according to the idea of the author, I believe) feel disgust even towards his or her reflection in the mirror. And, isn’t it clever (politically speaking) to roll Jesus, Maria, Moses and Mohammed in one pile?
Apparently, an old-fashioned theater is not good idea anymore (as well as proper, poetical poetry, or un-political literature, or aestetically pleasing art – nothing of it is not good anymore). You see, folks, it should be ‘activist’ theaters we must aim at instead. A politically correct sermon a day will keep ‘reactionaries’, anti- this and anti-that away! Good morning to you, the Bright New World!

Alexander Mikhaylov2009-07-30 00:50:34
I find it equally significant that my post does not trigger any comments... No wonder, huh?

David Sparenberg2009-07-31 17:49:23
Trigger any comments? Even the suggested reference to a weapon, as in pulling the trigger, is self-revealing. I did leave a response to your absurd remark on Child of Darfur. And now, here I am wondering, why does man, seething with rage and contempt, bother to read what I wrote, waste his time adding commentary? Perhaps, behind the mask you are seeking to be converted into humanity (again) or in search of transformation into somebody other than your "self"? I can only suggest that instead of practicing your usually name calling (all of the rhetoric of fear and rage)--liberal, Freudian-Marcist activists--you try calling your own name into your own darkness and listen for the echo, see what resonance returns to you. That is all.

Alexander Mikhaylov2009-07-31 23:07:11
The truth of the matter is that I always write under my real name, and I take no efforts whatsoever to hide my name, my beliefs or my feelings. As to the name-calling , I think it would improve things around this world drasticaly if people would (once again) use real names for once, such is 'bad' is bad and 'good' is good, 'white' is white and 'black' is black.

Alexander Mikhaylov2009-07-31 23:37:03
'And now, here I am wondering, why does man, seething with rage and contempt, bother to read what I wrote...'
Yes, I am seething with rage and contemp all right (the better word would be 'disgust' really), and 'why did I bother to read?' oh well, perhaps you cannot understand (or you understand it only too well)why I am doing this. There are too many people nowadays in media who are nothing but pretenders, demagogues and outright liers who try to gain a recognition of sorts brandishing popular slogans, and I feel sick about it. There are people who try to built their fame on conventional political cliches, but one thing they are missing is that there is always a witness to the real doings....

David Sparenberg2009-08-04 20:13:30
Yes... always a witness. And what are you bearing witness to Alecander Mikhaylov? To your own rage, your contempt, your disgust. Get over. It is one thing to complain, point the finger, call out names--something else to pitch in, try to go some good, provide some help... even without expecting compensation or any sort of victory. Try to philosophy that has feeling for life not one that is tied in knots of bitterness. So let go of your pain and find some peace without pain to nurture and sustain you. For what is the rage but a defense, an aggression masking pain? And what disgust except an outcry over neglect?

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