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Bruno is so ...2009
by Thanos Kalamidas
2009-07-25 09:59:09
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You don’t know whether to laugh or cry when you see the scene where two girls are trying to come up with an idea for a charity organization that will make somebody a Hollywood celebrity fast, and they seriously suggest an organization around global warming. But when the protagonist goes to a psychic and gives a very …animated kiss to one of the Milli Vanilli guys, the one that died, now that’s drives you to hysterical laughter.

Bruno, the flamboyant Austrian fashionista, is in Helsinki in the flesh, actually a lot of flesh, sometimes more flesh than I wished to see, but one thing is true: Sacha Baron Cohen is one of the greatest comedians of our time. The man is the continuation of the British school of comedians, the school of inspired encephalic personalities that go beyond controversy and they actually create art through laughter. Bruno was brilliant; it made you laugh for 81 minutes, and it made you laugh two hours after when there was a beer in front of you; it made you laugh again four hours later with a glass of wine, and it still made you laugh with the morning coffee. You see Bruno has something that only brilliant comedies have – as time go by you get it more, you get another joke, and you remember another scene that still makes you laugh.

With Borat – which by the way is so …2006 - Sacha Baron Cohen got involved in a very particular and demanding style of comedy, using everyday people and celebrities, getting them involved in his jokes without them knowing it. If you are expecting me to bring examples here, I’m going to avoid it because in Bruno’s case it is worth to see the film. But going back to Sacha Baron Cohen’s style, if you think about it, Michael Moore was doing exactly the same in his film “Fahrenheit 911”. It was more serious of course, but on the same time it was somehow similar…well not exactly the same, because in Sacha Baron Cohen’s case you have the feeling that behind the different jokes, tricks and hoaxes, there is a story, a continuation that makes sense and it is a concept with a blue print.

Sacha Baron Cohen is the Peter Sellers of the 21st century. He has the same intellectual and very peculiar brain as the late comedian, and that’s why I said before that he is the continuation of the British comedians’ school that includes for example John Cleese and Sir Alec Guinness in “Ladykillers”. Of course Cohen’s humour is far more contemporary, targeting a confused and politically correct society. Actually I didn’t understand what I’ve read on the net about the reverberations that some gay groups have; the film shows how stupid and deep our prejudices are - the same way Borat did. Cohen shows us how hypocritical we are when the time comes to prove our tolerance in practise and not in theory, and he shows us how badly we fail.

The film is definitely provocative, but I think it is more provocative to our sexual confidence - especially the male sexuality. If you are confident in your sexuality, you see only the jokes and enjoy the humour. And Cohen doesn’t stop at the gay prejudices and homophobia, he goes to where nobody has gone before, showing the unbelievable use of kids in a very surreal photographing casting, where the parents are prepared to do anything with their kids as long they are chosen for the photo shoot. They can be abusive and turn their kids into items that can be treated in any horrible way, as long they are there in front the camera. This is why I felt that the film sometimes was embarrassing and uncomfortable to watch, because it shows who we really are beyond our theories of tolerance and democracy.

I have often complained that cinema nowadays is far from art and it has become an MTV music video. Most of the time cinema lacks a good script and inspired directing, with bad actors that play themselves and nothing more, and they do so as long as it puts them on the cover of some kind of gossip magazine. Bruno in its simplicity is the art of cinema, and Sacha Baron Cohen is the conductor behind and in front of the camera. Bruno for me was the perfect entertainment and exactly what I expect from an inspired cinema person who makes art. I suggest you go and see it. But before you watch the film, you better leave behind any luggage you might carry with your sexuality, or any hidden prejudice you might have. Just let yourself free to watch a very good comedy and forget everything else. Because it is just a comedy, the rest is …your problem!!!
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Eva2009-07-25 10:26:29
Well I will certainly no longer think of lip synhcing when I hear the name Milli Vanilli...!! Hahaha.

Alan2009-07-29 02:13:33
Dead funny film

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