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Analysandly blind
by David Barger
2018-10-16 07:21:48
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       Roger dodger
       Came the call.
The lunatics have escaped!
     They hide within
     The closing walls.
    They crawl around
      Listening in wait.

pros03Roger dodger
Came the sound.
The lunatics are at large!
They love this sickness
In white coats bound.
Inviting all to come aboard
Their invisible barge.

          Roger dodger
          Went the cry.
The lunatics have been found!
      They sleep in walls
    Where hands are dry,
    And paint their hearts
        As silly clowns.

Roger dodger
Went the voice.
The lunatics repeat in verse and sing!
Their ways are set
They have no choice,
And spread their poo
With every fling.

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