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Natalia Estemirova: in the middle of a dirty war
by Thanos Kalamidas
2009-07-18 09:31:26
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Her name was Natalia Estemirova. She was shot dead, causing a lot of trouble from the Kremlin to the Chechen capital. But what we fail to see, despite all the sorrow her death brings to her friends, colleagues and most of all to her young daughter, is that Natalia Estemirova is just one more victim in the very dirty war that continues in Chechnya, claiming more victims all the time.

The NGO Ms Estemirova worked for has openly accused the Chechnya government and the Chechnya president Mr. Kadyrov for the murder. Kadyrov the same time has announced on a number of occasions that it was a disgusting crime and that he is planning to bring the murderers to justice – apparently the Kremlin feels the same and President Dmitry Medvedev has made it loud and clear; Emperor Putin from the other side has his own issues with Chechnya. Don’t worry, the west also reacted with the White house in the lead without that meaning that the West hasn’t help the situation to escalate to what is today. The bitter truth is that they are all in it together, they are all responsible, with the Russians holding a big part in this mess. And the West has its own part.

Putin cleverly exchanged his cooperation in George W. Bush’s war against terror with Chechnya. Why did we stop caring about the situation - the worst violation and interference of the last decades? The Russians in Chechnya have vanished from one day to the other, and the liberators, the fighters against the Russian dictators and invaders have turned into terrorists and mass murderers. This happened with a little help from the western friends, and obviously Putin made a lot of friends in the west, more than we knew.

Oddly it wasn’t only the western states that decided to turn silent, but also the media - a war that never stopped in Chechnya suddenly disappeared from the news. Apart from when something dramatic happened, but hitting a school and killing young kids or a theatre full of innocents has nothing to do with fighting for liberty; it is an action of criminals, excused by accusations of terrorism. I’m not saying that these acts were the result of provocation, because seen from their side, the Chechen fighters were dealing with a superior enemy. So they were allied with the devil and in their case, the devil was the Russian mafia that needed an ally like them to lose ground in Russia. And when you hang out with the devil for too long, you become the devil. The Chechen war lords became mafia bosses, controlling drugs, trafficking and weapons sales in Russia, and perhaps all around the world when it had to do with arming terrorist organizations.

It is a chaotic situation involving a lot of dirty money, drugs, weapons and of course oil! You see that’s the reason Russia doesn’t want to leave Chechnya, the Caspian oil! We’re talking about a lot of money, beyond the imagination of a nation that depends a lot on others for oil. Emperor Putin is not going to let them leave easily. Suddenly the revolution and liberation ideals sound very naïve, and in the middle of it all are the NGOs who romantically believe that the Chechen people disserve a chance of independence and freedom. The NGOs prove daily that the Russians and their puppet government in Chechnya frequently violate any sense of respect of human rights; their actions include illegal arrests, kidnapping, torture and murder. Natalia Estemirova was in the middle of all this and that’s why she died. Because she believed in what she was doing and she was fighting for it. Does anybody remember Anna Politkovskaya? She died for the same reasons and coincidentally – if you believe in coincidences – she was a close friend of Natalia Estemirova!

Natalia Estemirova was helpless, because she was in the middle of a war of many levels. It is a war that involves everyone, and they all have their own agenda and nobody will take the responsibility of stopping it. Including the Chechen rebels, who have actually turned into common criminals. Unfortunately, Natalia is not the last victim, since far more are getting killed daily, but they have no access to NGOs and their names don’t make the news.
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