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Dick Cheney, the Lord Protector
by Thanos Kalamidas
2009-07-15 10:22:32
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I have the feeling that it will take decades until we find out what really happened during the George W. Bush era. Conspiracy theories have already been circulating about 9/11, and more are to come regarding the money and oil trafficking, and about the rebirth of the cold war. The thing is, the more the public finds out, the more obvious it is that George W. Bush was nothing more than a front man and a puppet in the experienced hands of former Vice-President Dick Cheney. Perhaps the full extent of his achievements is a story only Hollywood will be able to tell.

Dick Cheney was an old school man, where the difference between the good guys and the bad guys was obvious. In his mind the bad guys were either communists or Arab terrorists, which is a prejudice viewpoint that his generation grew up with in the 40s and 50s. The man belongs to a generation that can’t adapt to the times we live in now, and in his mind nothing had changed; only the names. He was a racist who believed that ‘us’ mean the people who should be on the top, always victorious and mastering the game with a little help from God. The nuclear power and ‘them’ are savages who envy our lifestyle and they are trying to destroy…’us’.

I think that one day we will find out that the rebirth of the cold war was his master plan, and the rest was nothing more than his tactical moves to get there. In the end the terrorist attack worked perfectly well with his plans - it made you suspect that some of the conspiracy theories might have a grain of truth. He used all the tricks in the book, including torturing and turning CIA into a Cold War James Bond institution, with a real licence to kill.

Dick Cheney did everything to catalyze the meaning of democracy in the US, and to be honest - I have no idea how long it will take for Barrack Obama to heal the wounds this man opened. One the thing with his acts is that nobody really knows what else he did, and some things are secretly covered up since he managed to infiltrate all the institutions with his own people and make sure that they would follow his orders and wishes. It will take some time, but one day it will show everybody how fragile democracy is under certain circumstances, and with people like him leading and manipulating events and people.

Most likely after some decades Dick Cheney will be remembered as USA’s Oliver Crowell, the man who thought that he was the Lord Protector of the American values. He will be the man who lied and cheated on the American people and their representatives, because he didn’t think they were worth his values and believes, he thought he was the only who was right. Dick Cheney needed an enemy, a visual and strong enemy. And because he couldn’t find one, and Bin Laden seemed too small for the role, he had to create the enemy, so he turned to the known old enemy, Russia. But Russia was not communist anymore, so he had to personalize the enemy - and Putin gave him all the excuses he needed, even though the reasoning behind was all wrong.

What happened in Georgia in 2008 might look like a geopolitical game, and it was blamed on the cretinism of Mikheil Saakashvili, the Georgian President - but it looks more like a crash test for the Russian military readiness and capability. It was a mafia style plan, leaving no traces, only suspicions on who was behind it. It got the Georgian army and politicians on the hook; it was a Cheney plan, and perhaps further proof on how much efforts he had put into it and how little we really know.

Now new information is emerging about his directions to the CIA, and his involvement in the CIA torture practises. With this come more small and big projects that he never reported to the Congress or the committees. It is very important to remember that the congress committee meetings concern national security. The doors are always closed and what is said inside is protected by a tremendous secrecy, but the members are always obliged to report to the government and receive its approval, especially when their acts are going to cause a law controversy, like torture and the violation of human rights.

Human rights issues are something else that Dick Cheney obviously had a problem with. This is amazing in a country which largely built its foundations on the protection of human rights. Obviously in his theory about ‘us and them’ we have every right, while on the same time they have every obligation. Dick Cheney was a Machiavellian hypocrite, with only one motivation in life: power. What remains to be seen is the full damage of the things he did, and what happened with the seeds he left behind - have they survived?
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Emanuel Paparella2009-07-15 12:14:52
Unfortunately the seeds of destruction mature much later, as can be said here in Italy with the seeds Berlusconi has been sowing for a while now. Indeed, to expect a vision from mere Machiavellian politicians is to be wholly disappointed.

Thanos2009-07-15 19:06:29
But the weather ...I hope is good and the food ...perfect!!! :)))

Emanuel Paparella2009-07-16 11:05:05
indeed they are, Thanos. The weather has gotten a bit hot lately but it never lasts long in Italy and by Saturday it should be more normal.

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