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by Louie Parsons
Issue 11
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As long as I have remembered, archaeology and the pursuit of lost civilisations have fascinated me. There are many beliefs and issues about how long man and its civilisation has been around. Well unless we were there, then there are no absolutes and the teachings that society haphazardly force upon us is more fiction then fact. Sure in modern history there are more facts, but it is the belief that ancient civilisations did not start up until approx 6000 years ago, and there was nothing but Stone Age man before that.

Lets look at the big picture, man has been wondering around this blue planet for at least 100 000 years, as say the modern scientists, and only in 6000 years out of a 100 000 has man decided to build a hut, live in large groups and grow agriculture plants. Now for 94 000 years mankind could not be bothered, and preferred to live in the wild hunting and gathering. Using logical thinking I do not believe this, as there was no biological or intellectual difference between man today and 100 000 years ago, so what prevented man from advancing in those 94 000 years or what started off the development of civilisation.

Lets look at what has happen in the last 6000 years - man has started practicing agriculture, building huts, smelting metals, building boats, writing, creating commerce, then for some reason they built the pyramids not just in Egypt, but all around the world, as well as many other stone structures. Now, why is that and why are they all built around the same time. How come the Mayan Calendars are more accurate than modern ones, and why is it that for such an isolated people to be so advanced they knew more about stars, planets and their movements then Europeans could hope to achieve in a thousand years.

Is it because of modern historian's dogmatic thinking, suppression by religious factions, politics, or loss of historical evidence through war, or natural disasters? Are European historian's so insecure that they must make out that they where the first transatlantic explorers, the inventors of all that is high culture and technologically advanced?

My mind boggles with so many holes in the course of human history. I have often wonder if man had advanced before to a high cultured and technically advanced civilisation only to be destroyed by a natural or unnatural disasters that would set back their culture to a former primitive stage to start again. Will it happen again, it looks that way, so what if we had a nuclear war, or virus outbreak, or a global natural disaster and 80 to 90% of the population died, do you think that the remaining 10 - 20% of the population would be able to continue current technologies, and lifestyle?

After a few of thousand years will there be any evidence left to show we were here in this high tech world at all, or will their religious/historical/political belief's cover it up and control what information is allowed to be public knowledge. I have an inkling it's happening now, with so many archaeology anomalies and out of place artefacts, how can we know what is truth and what is fiction?

I am not a creationist, or a die-hard Darwinist, I am a human being searching for the truth and there is a saying of mine I follow; "Question everything, Disregard nothing, and then the Truth will be Found". I am not a scientist or a highly educated person, but I do have a mind of my own and as long as I have control over my own beliefs, society can not keep me in the dark forever.

Can you prove me wrong on this?
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