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Her name is Palin, Sarah Palin
by Thanos Kalamidas
2009-07-08 09:20:59
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If you thought that the dark empire had disappeared, beaten by the black knight in shining armour, you were wrong. The dark empire is here, ready to strike again. Thanks to the header you never thought that I was talking about the Star Wars sequel or prequel, but about the Sarah Palin big centre stage comeback.

On Friday 3rd of July the iron lady of American politics surprised – even shocked – everybody by announcing her resignation from her seat as governor of Alaska. This was two years short of end of term, and she didn’t make clear the reasons for her decision. Actually, surprise and shock were the first reactions, but a smile was what followed. The lady wants a rerun and everybody who has been watching her from the start when she was the running mate for the presidency of USA, next to John McCain, knows that she is addicted to power. And the higher the power, the more desperate is she to get there. She’s like a rock star; she wants to be on centre stage all the time, no matter what it takes.

One thing that has definitely changed from her past is her stage manager. When it comes to Sarah Palin I can’t avoid using theatrical terms. When she announced her resignation, thousands of posts appeared on the internet, and of course conspiracy theories were the first to appear. A contraction company and some kind of contract with a lot of loose ends were the first theories, then it was something to do with her daughter, and of course a secret affair with a billionaire. After all, she’s an attractive woman and except comedians, she has also inspired a lot of …alternative cinema in the porno industry.

But the theories lasted only a few hours until everybody understood – even the most doubtful conspiracy theory fanatics – that the answer was staring us in the face all the time. The woman was on her way to the spotlight once again. Finally on Sunday she made her comment, "How sad that Washington and the media will never understand; it's about the country, and though it's honourable for countless others to leave their positions for a higher calling and without finishing a term, of course we know by now, for some reason a different standard applies to the decisions I make." And I’m sure by ‘higher calling’ nobody thinks that she’s planning to become a missionary and start a mission in the Far East.

Of course whatever we all say, as long we are not part of her inner cycle and we don’t know the plans in details, everything is still only speculation and theory. First of all, Sarah Palin is a very ambitious woman, and she has shown that in many ways. The year she was McCain’s running mate, she had all the characteristics of extremely ambitious people; nothing could stop her on her way to her target, and she was ready to sacrifice anything to get there. Please don’t attribute this to her female nature; the same applies to extremely ambitious men. The thing with her is that she has one more characteristic: is not only the target that counts for her, it’s also the travel, the adventure to be there, and the adrenaline of the battle to get there. It’s some kind of alcoholism and obviously she has been addicted to it for long time now, as all the signs were there when she worked for TV.

Obviously she has hired a very high profile and capable promotion and advice company that advised her to do this latest move. The reasons were twofold. One; it will give her time to clean out her closet, something that is very important for a presidential candidate. Even if she cannot clean all the dirt out of her closet, she has plenty of time – two whole years – to make the American citizens get used to the smell. She has a lot of dirt in her closet and her family definitely doesn’t help much. But then again the American people have a past with this sort of dirt; don’t forget Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter. In Bill’s case it was his womanizing past, and in Jimmy’s case it was his brother. All the same, both presidents had a lot of dirt in their closets but that didn’t stop them from becoming presidents, and in Clinton’s case even an exemplary president. So Sarah Palin has plenty of time to sort out her public image and of course build upon it.

The second reason is money. Of course money is a big thing in the American elections, and Barrack Obama really raised the stakes. Barrack Obama didn’t appear from one moment to the other; money played an important part in the elections. Barrack Obama – for those who have been watching him – has been preparing his move for the past four years, and he did so very carefully. One thing that I have to admit, and perhaps even admire with Sarah Palin, is that she’s learns fast and adopts easily. Two years is plenty of time for her to start the fund raising game, and unlike Barrack Obama, Sarah Palin is not after ordinary people’s money, but she is after the thick wallets. And thick wallets mean a lot of parties, a lot of receptions and a lot of evening dinners. For this, two years is barely enough time.

Time is a funny thing when it comes to the American elections, because there are laws restricting the funding of parties and politicians, but everything has to do with timing. Funding goes through phases and the earlier you start phase one, as Obama proved, the better. So Sarah Palin is ironing her evening dresses she bought with the last funders’ money, and she’s ready to make them work again, perhaps better this time, since it will all be about her.

For those who think that Sarah Palin might be the chance for America to make a big difference by having a female president after a black president, to prove how liberal they are, I have only to remind you of Margaret Thatcher. Margaret Thatcher’s damage to Britain is something that still hasn’t been fixed, due to her incompetent successors, conservative and labour. Margaret Thatcher was a menace to women’s rights and liberty, and some of her acts will remain for long with British women and workers. And this is something that USA doesn’t need, especially after eight years of George W. Bush!

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Eva2009-07-08 09:29:42
Fabulous cover today, hahaha!

Leah Sellers2009-07-08 18:51:03
Dear Mr. Kalamides,
I thoroughly enjoyed your article, Sir.
It holds many astute observations across the board regarding American politics and the sly Iron Maverick,Mrs. Palin. And I discovered your sense of humor in this piece.
Thanks for making me smile !

Thanos2009-07-09 09:01:08
I'm afraid when it comes to some thing ...humour is not enough!!! :)

Anastasios2009-07-09 17:20:18
Dear Thano, this was a good piece and to the point. I think the republicans made a huge mistake when they placed this person on their ticket. She is a fake, arrogant individual, who tends to be disrepectfull of others. What is even worse, the republicans reinforced her insatiable appetite for power. If the Obama experiment succeeds it will be very difficult for characters like her to attract any attention at all.

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