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Nothin' Could Be Finah
by Leah Sellers
2009-07-07 09:14:43
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Nothin’ could be finah, than to be in Carolina
In the mornin’
Nothin’ could be meanah, than to be in Argentina
Caught red-handed, and snorin’
Nothin could be tougha, than to be Argentina’s luvah
When Carolina’s Callin -
It's an old, borrowed, re-worked Song, with an Ancient Theme.
Mark Sanford, South Carolina’s red faced (red-handed) governor, admits that his Queen of Hearts in Argentina is his Soul Mate (even though he declares that he is going to try to fall back in love with his Wedded Wife), and that he is a Cheat.
Everyone in America (and because of Twitterin’ Tweets, Slaps in the ole Facebook and slow as snails E-mails - the rest of the interconnected World) is being asked to overlook his Broken and Betrayed Vows of Fidelity and Faithfulness to his Wife and Four Boys - his Broken Family. Instead, We the People are to See Mr. Sanford as a misunderstood Love-Bunny, crazy for his Argentina Hunny.
Why should We the People be concerned over the Infidelity and Betrayals within his Personal Life? After all the two are separate, aren’t they? Just because Mr. Sanford would Lie to, and Betray those closest to him, why should We the People suppose or assume that he would do the same to us - his Constituents? Doesn’t one preclude the other?
Also, in his favor, Mr. Sanford is a fine writer of sentimental and romantic Love Letters. Surely, this recently honed skill will only enhance the quality of his Bill writing for the Constituents of his State. Surely, We the People can take Mr. Sanford seriously when he ’Pledges Allegiance’ to anything that sentimentally and romantically tugs at his Heart. Surely, We the People can believe Mr. Sanford when he expresses his undying Love for Lady Liberty, and the Home of the Free. Surely, this man has much to teach all of us about the age old adage, ”United We Stand, divided We fall”.
Mr. Sanford, has also proven himself to be an honest man (when his back is up against the wall). He has admitted that he used Taxpayer monies to fly from his fine state of South Carolina to Argentina in order to Cheat on his Wife and Family and shack up with his Queen of Hearts for five glorious (and costly) days (and nights).
Afterall, Mr. Sanford is not the first Man (or Woman) to fall prey to the intoxicating aphrodisiac of Power and all that it may attract. We are asked to remember that Mr. Sanford, is only HuMan. His Lying, his Deceit, his Betrayals of his Wife, Children, Family Unit, Staff Members, Power Jockeying Friends (who will now have to find a new Jockey to ride), and his Duties to his Constituents are but an Afterthought, when weighed within the Scales of Love (Lust) for a married Argentine Queen of Hearts. Two Cheaters, joined as One, make an intriguingly naughty combo.
Why should We the People consider any of these Human Fallacies to be Deal-Breakers?
Why should We the People worry that ‘if he does it (Cheats) with you - he’ll do it to (Cheat on) you’? A Two-headed Coin has its advantages in the often slippery slopes of Politics.
Why should We the People expect More - expect Better from Our elected officials - Our National and Global Leaders?
 Also, Mr. Sanford Chose to Act Out his magnanimous, Loving Tryst on Father’s Day weekend. And when important legislation, needing his Dutiful and Faithful Attention, was being worked upon within his fine State of South Carolina (not to mention Washington D.C. - another scenic location and Place of Power he appeared to be jockeying for). Surely, this unconsciously conscious symbolic gesture is somehow greatly underappreciated and grievously unrewarded.
Afterall, ‘Boys-Will-Be Boys’ and ‘Girls-Will-Be-Girls’. Where are all of the Faithful, Loyal, and Wise Adults within this Wayward Equation?
And let’s not forget that Mr. Sanford has also ’fessed up to fiddlin’ around with other women (while Married and searchin’ for his Soul Mate). But he just plucked at Their Strings. He never really took the Bow to ’em. That’s not really Cheatin’ is it? Surely, he could just consider that Practice until the Real Thing - his Argnetine Heart Throbbing Soul Mate - came along.
Perhaps, Mr. Sanford merely enjoys the thrill of The Cheat - The Hunt. No matter the Cost to Others, and eventually, the Cost to himSelf. Elmer Fudd will Bag his Wiley Wabbit (Rabbit), heh, heh, heh!
Ole Hank Williams was right. “Your Cheatin’ Heart, Will Tell on You”!

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