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The dictators' manual
by Thanos Kalamidas
2009-07-05 11:04:51
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It is like the manuals you get for electronic equipment. Everything is there in great detail and I suppose the same happens when it comes to dictatorships. The manual says that after you kill a couple of demonstrators that found the courage to express themselves in public, you send the paramilitary groups to sort things out …quietly. By the way, believe it or not, all these dictator regimes have …volunteered paramilitary groups. Amazing how that happens and it has been happening since ancient times. So in Iran they call themselves Basij!

Now these Basij decided to educate the people of Iran on how dialogue really works, and they did so by carrying out night time raids – another odd thing with these groups; they always work at night like zombies and draculas – destroying private property and beating civilians suspected of participating in the demonstrations.

Their targets include …satellite dishes so that they can stop people from watching foreign news, and of course local television has the ayatollahs’ blessed puppet president blaming Americans and Europeans for everything happening in Teheran. All while in another move from the manual he has forbidden opposition members to leave the country. I suppose this must give Mugabe the feeling of a déjà vu! On the same time, people always find ways to publicly demonstrate their opposition, whatever the dictators do. The latest act included chanting anti-government slogans from their rooftops and balconies over the last few days, starting every evening at 2200 local time.

But the worst enemy, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, has is still not the Americans or the European and definitely not the television but the internet. The Internet has proved to be a critical factor with the Iranian bloggers who lead the fight against the regime. And that’s something the dictators can not win – the only thing they can do is create martyrs. And there is already an Iranian martyr on the web, a young girl that looked into the camera with her chest full of blood as millions of people watched her dying online. This is something that Mahmoud Ahmadinejad can not fight and that’s something that no media agency can create.

Returning to the SS, sorry I meant Beisjis; the paramilitary groups seem to be well organized, since they work not randomly with houses but with whole neighbourhoods. And the police is there offering their traffic control services, showing how ‘angry’ civilians help law and order as the ayatollahs’’ understand it.

Another amazing thing with the Iranian regime was the answer Mahmoud Ahmadinejad tried to give to Barrack Obama following his comments. He told him …not to interfere with Iranian affairs. Amazing isn’t it? The puppet with opinions even on European and American food demands that the others to have no opinion on the big screw up he and his accomplices have managed to do. Apparently in the same speech the puppet dictator said something that is absolutely correct; he said that if European and American officials believed they could affect the way that Iran's government went about its business, they were wrong. And he is absolutely right. There is nothing Americans or Europeans can do with the situation in Iran and the end of the regime that rules the country. The Iranian people are doing it themselves and they are victorious.

Iran's powerful Guardian Council is due to give its final ruling on the election on Sunday, but a spokesman said on Friday that there had been no election fraud so Mahmoud Ahmadinejad feels safe …at the moment, another point from the dictators’ manual. So what’s next? I’m afraid that for a period everything will be quiet, until the next time people will get the chance to take to the streets again and the regime will give them the opportunity. This will probably happen soon. And the next time there will be more blood, because this is the problem with dictators, it is in the manual; they start with blood and they end in a lake of blood.

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ap2009-07-05 13:27:58
It would be (even more) abominable if it ended in a lake of blood.

Thanos2009-07-05 23:21:19
Unfortunately we both know that dictatorships finish in innocents' blood one way or another.

ap2009-07-06 01:55:06
Yes :( but I refuse to surrender to such evidence.

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