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by Asa Butcher
2009-06-26 09:02:42
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Do you know Michael Scorsese’s 1978 music documentary The Last Waltz? For those not in the know, it charts the final concert of The Band and it features a surreal interview between a hyper director, probably on speed, and Robbie Robertson, the lead singer and guitarist, who is probably on marijuana. Both are moving at speeds the other cannot ovicover_26_06_09_400comprehend and it leads to some comical results, at least for the viewer.

The reason this drug-fuelled scene came to mind while wondering what to write for the long-awaited Drugs theme issue editorial is simple: our contributors were like the director, submitting articles at frenetic pace and eager to participate. The Ovi editors, on the other hand, well we are the Robbie Robertsons, we may have been a bit slow (13 months to be precise) but we got there in the end and it was certainly worth The Weight – sorry, a bit of The Band song title humour there!

Drugs, be they hard, soft or designer, narcotics, sedatives, tranquilizers, pills, potions, powders, painkillers, hallucinogens, antidepressants, diet pills, uppers, downers; addiction, alcohol, gambling, sport; or even love; we invited all of our readers to contribute to our Drugs issue and six people responded. Thanos and I are joined by Patrick McWade, Alexander Mikhaylov, Emanuel L. Paparella, Alexandra Pereira, Jack Wellman and N. L. Wilbur  

We now invite you to enjoy the fruit of their labour and fuel your own helpless addiction to the designer e-drug known simply as Ovi.


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ap2009-06-26 12:17:20
Sad sad sad for me that this issue comes out at this time - just last week I lost my cousin for drugs. Forever. In a completely unexpected way for everybody. It's perhaps the greatest feeling of impotence you can ever experience in life.

ap2009-06-26 12:20:29
...and it makes me really really really really angry.

Thanos2009-06-26 12:26:11
I'm sorry to hear that, I can sense the feeling, I have lost very close friends like that.

Emanuel Paparella2009-06-26 18:18:56
Michael Jackson, another icon of our times, died yesterday, and the latest news is that it was from an overdose of an injected drug prescribed and administered by, of all people, a doctor. Such an event is itself emblematic of our times (one thinks back to another icon of our times: Elvis Presley) and speaks for itself about the kind of spiritually destitute era we live and have our being in. Addictions of some sort afflict just about every family in the Western World. The more sensitive among us are bound to wonder if that kind of bottomless spiritual emptiness, angst, and existential dread is symptomatic of the spiritual indigence, despair and hopelessness within a Western Civilization addicted to materialism and oblivious of the spiritual, necessitating a mindless addiction to anesthetizing mind-altering drugs. The drugs may be addictive, and to a certain extent they limit human freedom and responsibility, but the existential dread vis a vis our freedom is integral part of the human condition; we ignore it at our own expense, whether we are drug users or not, and mere emotional reactions are at best a palliative.

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