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The Real Solution to Healthcare Reform
by Bohdan Yuri
2009-06-26 09:02:05
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Let’s cut through the veils of deception.

The simplest form of healthcare is to have some sort of single payer program.

There is, presently, an entity which has had experience in dealing with this type of national coverage. Yes, it’s the United States Government and the program is called Medicare, and in a round-about way doesn’t that same U.S. Government pay 75% of all Federal Employees medical benefits (100% if you consider that federal employee contributions still come out of the US Treasury). Yes, the Federal Employees Health Benefits Program (FEHBP), our taxes pay for it all, in other words, a (U.S. Government) single payer program of a different sort.

Except for the infinite realm of dimensional travel, the shortest distance traveled is a straight line. The quickest way to national health coverage for every citizen is to allow our government to do it, perhaps even the same way that Federal employees are covered --- one straight line of payment to whichever national plan is adopted. If not that one, then dare Congress to find a better one.

Yet as our pocket-paid lawmakers argue the merits of “confusionality”…. We are being swayed by the illogical opposition, with the aide of any and all media manipulations, into believing nonsensical arguments which produce at the most a compromised incompetence heated by an incomprehensible amount of bellowing buffoonery --- a hot-air cartoon balloon signifying nothing.

Yes, the arguments against it are all around us, but it’s all just a matter of viewpoint. Presently, there are still too many hard working people who still cannot afford even the most basic medical coverage, and their lobbyists are non existent.

As for the overall cost, taxes, let’s start by calling it something similar to “employee contributions”. And let’s set a rate with a sliding scale that can easily be adjusted for fairness. As for the so-called “need” for competition, and choice, there is none. It’s a myth. The poor resort to government aid, the rest are subject to salary restraints (even with employer contributions), and the best quality of health care, as always, goes to the wealthiest.

Throughout Middle America, without an Employer assisted healthcare plan, it’s impossible to afford any realistic type of healthcare. As one employee who was recently fired from Disney found out, his extended COBRA benefits would cost over $700.00 a month for similar coverage and that would last for only a year. This was quickly deemed as an unaffordable luxury when the monthly salary at his new job, (which didn’t offer any health benefits), was only $1,200. 00. So, he’d had to let his family’s healthcare slip by with a prayer.

The sad fact is that those that can afford it don’t really care. All they care about is what’s being fed to them by propagandist points of dissent: such fears as extra taxes or mind soaking distortions through demonized buzzwords such as “socialism”. And missing from all this is the simple concept of caring --- from caring for the less privileged to the caring of our own souls.

Yet, the greater crime is our lack of achievements. We set no standards for time except to call it the future, and the future has been stretched out into endless streams of meandering and wandering inside the fog of incompetence. 

Yeah, yeah, so what!  Nothing will change, you say; because no one cares to do anything about it, and that’s being generous as the reason without stating the payoffs from each and every healthcare business that presses politicians to maintain the status quo. No, if you want true change and see results, and at the same time expose the true imposters entrusted with your well being, then begin by petitioning to have all of Congress’s health care benefits cut off. In fact let’s include all federal government elected and appointed politicians, even judges.

Let’s say, it’s a cost cutting measure. After all, aren’t companies constantly trimming employees’ benefits to save money for their executives’ bonuses? And if the President can force GM to eliminate waste, and trim their budgets, then allow him to do the same with Congress --- they who rant about the wicked evils of single-payer programs, they who “appropriate” the coffers of our Treasury to pay for their own healthcare, they who are covered by a “single payer program”, funded by our taxes --- the United States Government.

And even though most Congressmen and Senators are millionaires anyway and can afford to pick up other healthcare venues, perhaps this action may bring home the realization that life in the halls of lobbyism is not quite as real as that in the halls of social injustice.

Make no mistake, this action may be the only way to force Congress into changing the moral character of this pseudo “debate” and erase their vile brand of opposition to the true greatness of this country. That is the REAL SOLUTION to this problem.  Throw Congress into the world of the uninsured --- perhaps that sting will make them act.

Why does it seem so hard to admit that we, this country, have been transformed into a petty soap-opera of dangerous proportions? In the evolutionary scale of majestic moral growth, we are regressing to our most primitive seeds of destruction: Power, Hate, and Greed --- our unholy trinity.

Let’s begin by changing that. A simple straight line for the good of our country. Find a way to care for them all!

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