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When Will We Ever Learn?
by Leah Sellers
2009-06-28 10:29:37
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The news is being spread that North Korea intends to launch a ‘practice’ missile test toward the Hawaiian Islands on July 4th, 2009. A nuclear missile (practice launch, mind you - does that make it less serious - less idiotically malicious or destructive?) spit into the Face of the United States of America on her Independence Day celebration. Want to ruin someone’s Birthday celebration? Have a violent, missile ridden, practice ‘drive by’ when the House is full of loved ones. That will definitely get their attention.
The elder statesman, fading in health and power, sitting at the throne of North Korea’s militaristic regime is choosing to use American Waters, Soil and Celebrations for his own personal Spittoon.
That’s right. Want to make a person angry - ruffle their feathers - get a guaranteed negative response? Hocker up and Spit into their Face!
Diplomacy and good manners aside, the North Korean leader, and his cronies, have decided to tantrum and spill their ill will upon Americans (and as a result, the rest of the World, because our Global Schoolyard has downsized, boys) in July. It will certainly prove to be a hot summer’s month, indeed. Fire crackers will pop and sizzle. Missiles will fire and fly, and diplomacy will fizzle (out, that is).
When will our Global Leaders wake up? Humanity is trying to Change! Grow beyond the need of killing one another to get things done - to get one another’s attention and get needs met.
Is this the best you can do? That any Global Nation can do? Shake and rattle those Bully Clubs! Scream, threaten, tantrum and shout! Shake and Swing the National and Global Bully Clubs all about!
Grown ups, dressed up in fancy suits and military uniforms acting like red-faced, out of control Children. No matter how well dressed you are - how educated - how decorated - how adulated - a tantrum is a tantrum. Foolish behavior is foolish behavior.
The constant threat of Fissionary Fist-A-Cuffs by smaller nations needing to flex their muscles and immature wills needs to be put behind Us. Needs to be made a thing of the past. It’s important as we Grow up and Mature to put the Foolish Things and Mistakes of the Past behind Us in order to move Forward in Positive and Enlightened Ways.
Let’s Face it, folks. Sanctions are disciplinary measures similar to grounding your Child for poor or bad behaviors. “Billy Club (North Korea), no more driving the family (Global) car for a week until you clean your room, and stop teasing your sister (America).”
"North Korea, no more free trade for you and yours or joining our Global Social Clubs until you start behaving more like a Good Neighbor. That’s right, North Korea (and other nations similar to you), turn your loud and oppressive Music down. Get control of your temper, taunts and tantrums. Stop stomping your feet and plugging your fists into International Walls for provocation - for attention. Just stay in your room until you’re ready to Talk calmly and intelligently and seek Compromises amenable to Everyone (yourselves included) concerned."
To continually threaten and jeopardize the Lives of Others (the Lives of Future Generations) is an Act of Terrorism. It is a tired old Game of heinous Manipulation. As Citizens of the World we need to Rise up and demand better and more Intelligent and Cogent Leadership from our Heads of State - Heads of Nations.
President Obama, and his cronies, have got it right, fellas. When we can nuke one another into Oblivion - why would we not seek Our Language - Our Ability to Communicate, reach Understandings and viable Compromise over Death - over National and Global annihilation? Sound logical to you?
If Our National and Global Leaders cannot comprehend these more Enlightened and Fruit bearing concepts, then they need to step down and leave National and Global Leadership in the Hands, Minds and Hearts of Calmer Souls, more Intelligent and far reaching Goals, and more constructively mature national and global Visionaries, Planners and Builders.
Put your ‘practice’ Missiles and loaded Pistols down, gentlemen (boys)! Let’s Talk!

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Emanuel Paparella2009-06-28 16:05:49
Well said Leah. Indeed, boys will be boys and will act acoordingly, immaturely and irresponsibly. Was it not Shapespeare who said "maturity is all?" and he said a mouthful. We may be entering the teenage years of humankind. Being a teen ager can be exhilarating but it is frought with perils and much instability. Let us hope and pray
that those years are short and that the teen ager does not decide to commit suicide. and having traversed them, it may begin to dawn on the more mature human that soul power is better by far than mere phyisical power and that taking care of one's soul is the most important task at hand, and that to gain the
whole world and lose one's soul profits a human nothing.

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