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Let's fight against 24000 daily deaths - campaign against hunger
by The Ovi Team
2009-06-13 10:31:43
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Did you know that every 7 seconds a child starves to death? And that the total of people who die every day because of hunger is greater than 24000? These figures are terrifying but unfortunately they don’t have much impact on the media.

If we compare these figures with the number of deaths due to Swine or H1N1 flu, the contrast could not be more stark. Hunger causes more than 24000 deaths every day and Swine flu has killed 125 people (up to today) since it was known about some months ago.

This is not a criticism but something that I think we all should consider.

And what can we do to reduce hunger in the World? That’s something that politicians should do, shouldn’t they? No, that’s a matter of EVERYONE and there are hundreds of things that can be done to help, from taking part into some organization, donating money, going as a volunteer to a country in need … to visiting a website (freerice.com) and answering different questions in a way that for every right answer 10 grains of rice, that will help to reduce hunger in the World, will be donated.

With freerice.com you’ll help reduce hunger in the World and also, as the questions are in English, you’ll improve your level while you play. There are also questions related to other subjects (Art, Chemistry, Geography, Language Learning and Math). If you have played the “Brain Training “game you’ll surely like freerice.com. Try to reach the maximum level in all the subjects!

You can see below the official video about freerice.com in YouTube. Please notice that in the video it is mentioned that 20 grains of rice are donated with each right answer. However, currently it is 10 grains of rice for each right answer:

Link to the video

I like the idea, can I participate?
Sure, everyone is welcome. The more the better.

What do I need?
A computer, a connection to the Internet and then visit the website freerice.com.

But this is a campaign, isn’t?
Yes, that’s why we are asking you that if you have a Web page, blog, radio, TV channel or any other media stream talk about this campaign to fight the hunger. If not, you can also make the campaign known by mentioning it to your friends.

Ok, do you have a banner that I can use?
Yes, we have made some of different sizes and languages (in English and Spanish) that you can use.

And how are you going to check the participants and the total of rice donated?
Every person or organization who participates can send an e-mail to aprenderinglesonline@gmail.com or learnenglishfromhome@gmail.com with their name, alias, Web page, Blog name or any other identification and the total amount of grains of rice that they have donated. Everybody will be responsible for keeping track of their own total of grains donated and can be informed anytime they wish.

Participants will be added in this document.

When is it the campaign going to finish?
Well, the World Food Day is the 16th of October but it is a bit far ahead in time so we are going to say one month so the 6th of July the campaign will close and the total amount of rice donated will be counted.

Is there any goal in the number of grains to donate?
Yes, what about 100 millions? It takes approximately 5 minutes to donate 200 grains if all the answers are right so go on, we can make it.

Is there a prize for the person or organizations that donate more grains?
No, there are no prizes; the idea is to be generous and spend 5 minutes or more of our day to alleviate this truly human hunger pandemic in the World. We all win and especially those people that don’t even have a small dish to eat – they’ll be able to enjoy for once of something that should be a right and not a privilege.

Are you joining us?

Visit learnenglishfromhome.blogspot.com for more

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Emanuel Paparella2009-06-13 14:21:48
Indeed, compassion and simple human charity and decency demand that we in the prosperous industrialized world, in both the US and the EU, be more generous and sympathetic with donations and time to the various campaigns, both secular and religious, to eliminate hunger in the world.

That having been said, perhaps what also needs to be reiterated and pointed out is that this is not exclusively a logistical problem of distribution of food or even of one of distributive justice, but a problem of our bad eating habits and our concomitant dehumanization. Those reprehnesible eating habits have produced the social obscenity of societies where obesity has reached epidemic proportions, while children starve every minute in poor countries and even in rich ones. At a famous meeting of Nobel Laureates a couple of decades ago, the poet Octavio Paz put it best when he reminded his Nobel colleagues that all their technical solutions on how to feed the world forgot one thing: that while we have the technology and know how to prevent hunger now, we fail all the while to use it and implement it. That, he suggested, is not a problem of hunger but one of dehumanization. That was true two decades ago, it remains true today, in fact it is even more urgent today.

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