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A True Hypocrite
by Tahir Khan
2009-06-11 10:12:51
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No doubt the USA as a superpower in this unipolar world after the collapse of USSR and for retaining superpower title, they must occupy strategic locations, natural resources and trade routes of the world and also need to ignite war and create conflict among the nations for growth of his industry.

In this present arena remaining four powers doing the same tactics and also put example for other nations to do the same like they are doing.

If we look USA foreign policy of last few decades is packed with double standard and full of hypocrisy.

There are certain tools and terms which have been used by the USA and its allies under the pretext of United Nation for distorting the image of any nation or regime for achieving certain goals or objectives.

Human rights violation and military action:  Most of the time USA authority refuting the human rights violation in Tibet by China or recently by Shri Lankan government against Tamils but do not care the Palestinian, Afghan or Iraqi people.  And in the name of collateral damage Unite States justify his military action most of the time especially against Afghanistan or Iraq.  They hit whatever target suits for them from schools, house, bridges and even hospitals, they do not care.

Terrorism:  Osama is most wanted terrorist in the USA hit list but on other side USA itself supported the Taliban in the past against USSR and also they provide shelter to the Luis Posada Carriles which has been involved in terrorist activities against Venezuela and Cuba.  Even they supported various terrorist organizations in past and present direct or indirectly and moreover they supporting the warlords of Somalia and Sudan.

Weapon of mass destruction:  They worry about the weapon of mass destruction of North Korea, Iran or Pakistan but they do not care the weapons of Israeli and their own stockpile of weapons, even they used most of the banned weapons in different wars and location and they are leader in selling weapons to it allies.

Democracy and dictatorship:  They refuting the democracy and condemning the dictatorship but they do not care the democracy of middle east and they shake hands with middle east monarchs for suppressing the Islamic movements.  They call themselves against the dictators and military regimes but they blind folded on dictators like Karimov, Mubarak and Karzai, moreover they supported and installed dictator like Musharaff in past and same for Saddam Hussain.

Play cards:  They also use play card for making their image clean and well in front of the world.

During the recent visit of Egypt Obama said they are not against Islam or Muslims and refuting the teaching of Quran, but they forget in the past their own congressman Tancredo gave statement “USA should bombed Mecca to prevent any future attack”.  And this is fact most of the actions in last decades against Muslim nations and millions of Muslims suffering and lost lives in Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia, Sudan and Palestine.

One side they support Israel atomic arsenal and trying to balance in policy, now planing to install nuclear power plant in UAE till 2015.  They also bombed Serbia just for gaining sympathy from Muslim world which has been lost due to war against Iraq.  They also hanged Saddam just to show how they serious in freedom of Iraqi people.

There is no ethics or laws in USA foreign policy and at last, by hook or by crook they need to achieve their objectives.  For their benefit they can go on any level.  They do not care we call him hypocrite they know they are true hypocrite.  These baseless actions and policies of United States make situation more complex and messy rather than solve and bring harm for USA more in comparison of benefits.

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Emanuel Paparella2009-06-11 14:18:17
Machiavelli proposed that we stop being hypocrites and declare our real intentions; that what world powers are after is power, period. And he had a point. From then on “real politik” has ruled supreme mitigated only by those few and in between responsible statesmen who are more than mere banal politicians interested in personal or mere national interests. One cannot but detect a tinge of envy in between the lines in the above piece, never mind the bad grammar and syntax. As if to say that if Stalin or Mao had won out the cold war there would be no hypocrisy, and indeed there would not be since they made no bone about their ultimate goal: political power unmindful of everything that was best in their ancestral culture. Remember Tibet? They too, if truth be told, did not care to be called hypocrites. They were morally naked and they knew it. Stalin once asked: how many divisions does the Pope have and of course he meant it as a joke but the question is very revealing of a mind-set alive and well among all the hypocrites of the world pointing a finger at each other and projecting their paranoia, including those who parade the beauty of their democracy but unfortunately remain morally naked. One can just hear the ancient Greeks in the year 0 AD: “those hypocrite Romans, who do they think they are, the policemen of the world; and who appointed them? We gave them all the culture they have and now they parade it around the world. And indeed, they did give them much of what they had, including the habit of imperialism based on power. Remember Alexander, the Great, so called? Churcill said once: Democracy is the worst of all political systems, except for all the others. Food for thought to chew on for a while.

Emanuel Paparella2009-06-11 14:20:44
Errata: Churchil

Emanuel Paparella2009-06-11 14:54:37
Regarding the editorial question on the cover, perhaps the best answer comes from Robert Frost's poem "Mending Walls" which begins thus:

SOMETHING there is that doesn't love a wall,
That sends the frozen-ground-swell under it,
And spills the upper boulders in the sun;
And makes gaps even two can pass abreast..."

And ends thus:

"And he likes having thought of it so well
He says again, 'Good fences make good neighbors.'"

Alexander Mikhaylov2009-06-11 17:29:14
An old russian saying comes to my mind 'A holy place never remains empty' - I simply wonder, who believes himself to be the next, or so to say, upcoming world ruler?

Emanuel Paparella2009-06-11 17:41:55
I suppose, whomever is willing to be world policeman. No doubt after the fall of the Roman Empire in the West many, surrounded by barbarism and savagery, waxed nostalgic for the good old days of law and order imposed by the Roman army. Dejà vu?

Leah Sellers2009-06-13 03:24:10
Thank you Mr. Khan for Sharing and Expressing your poignant views, Sir. Your perspective is important in the Messy World discourses and Changes unravelling 'what was', and incorporating it into 'what will be'.
You are correct in pointing out the hypocrisy of All of Our shortcomings as Globally, we hash through the ensuing, growing Chaos. Chaos - the Unknown - the Unpredictable can make Hypoctites of us all. Even the best intentioned and most well meaning Hypocrites are deeply affected/effected by the dizzying Changes surrounding all of us.
I am looking forward to see what Messy Order we can create out of the Messy
Every leap forward in Evolutionary Creationism (ha)
is simultaneously frightening and postively invigorating.

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