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Labour expenses
by Thanos Kalamidas
2009-05-25 09:22:34
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Gordon Brown should never have been Prime minister and led the Labour Party, actually he should have never even been a minister or a chancellor. Gordon Brown would be perfect as one of the backbenchers in the parliament, the ones with all the expert knowledge, notes and stats who make appearances during heated sessions of the parliament. He could be the one to keep in the Labour party the always well kept balance between the left and the centre, a magnet for the critical undecided voters.

Gordon Brown would have made the perfect Cambridge professor; Oxford is just too quiet for his type and he would have made the perfect director in the board of any bank or international investment group but he gone all the way to the leadership of the Labour Party and the seat of the Prime minister thanks to one of the most controversial leaders the Labour Party ever had, Tony Blair. When Tony Blair took over from John Major the whole UK took a deep breath, the Thatcher era was over for good; now everybody wishes the Labour Party will be over! Semantics but then it was not the just conservatives’ era but Thatcher’s era, today it is the Labours’ era, blame it on Tony Blair who managed to twist in the minds of the people even the principals and the foundations of the Labour Party. His new-labour managed to overthrow history of over a century, actually from the very beginning of the 20th century.

Tony Blair was never a real Labour, he represented the most conservative side of the party and he mastered the empty promises campaign fulfilling every expectation for a misleading politician. Tony Blair as he actually proved later had his own agenda dangerously balancing between his religious wanders or enlighten and his visions of a party that would stand in a questionable centre closer to the right than to leave and far away from what the Labours are. The man was embarrassed of his own party and its history while he was in the arms of the American neo-republicans of George W. Bush. And when he left to find his real believes he left behind him Gordon Brown and the man represented exactly had become of the Labour Party a mediocrity!

The last few days the Conservatives ask from Gordon Brown to resign and go for elections but is not only the Conservative party and David Cameron who ask for election is the British people who actually ask for election and the whole thing about the MP’s expenses is just an excuse, after all the Conservative MPs are equally if not more responsible for what happened. The truth is that Gordon Brown is not responsible for what is going on but the system and the Conservatives are masters of this game, for decades they cheated the system and most of them have excused wives and girlfriends as secretaries and assistants in their offices. What should change is the system but the British people are tired of Tony Blair’s party, because that’s what it is, is not the Labour Party but Tony Blair’s party.

Gordon Brown doesn’t want elections and he is right for exactly the reasoning he used, if election comes the Labour Party is doomed and David Cameron becomes PM, then Britain is doomed! Gordon Brown is not for liable as Prime Minister but he’s definitely good as political analyst and he knows. You see forget Margaret Thatcher, forget Harold Macmillan and Edward Heath, David Cameron follows the tradition started with another mediocrity, John Major! But just like Gordon Brown, David Cameron is the worst possible version of his processor. David Cameron would also be perfect as a backbencher or in the board of an investment bank, even better he would make a perfect director in some kind of retail business but as the leader of the Conservative Party and want to be Prime minister, I’m sorry but he is so limited that sometimes even Gordon Brown looks better and even Nicolas Sarkozy would be a better choice.

The situation with the MPs expenses shows that the political crisis is Britain is in its peak and that something much change, the people at the moment target the Labour party because they are an easy target but the opposition is much worst. If elections happen tomorrow the only ones who are really going to win are the extremes with and racist National Front in the lead and the euro-sceptics, the isolation xenophobes who haven’t realized that Queen Victoria is dead and that we live in a new world. Apparently they are the worst fear for every parliamentarian and especially the leading parties.

Perhaps it is time for the old generation to regroup and reunite in the Labour Party and remind the new generation their history and what they represent and in the end all together to clean out all the leeches that have grown the last two decades. And Tony Blair should be remembered as the mistake that will never happen again.

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Clint2009-05-25 10:32:18
Not a great Tory fan then Thanos. Put down Maggie all you like but I raised a family on her and make no mistake they were great times. She stood up Reagan, stood up to Europe and tamed the Unions at a time when they were destroying the country with their constant strikes and secondary picketing. Anyhow this expenses row has been a real shot in the arm for British Politics everyone has woken from their coma and are now talking politics again as they are rightfully outraged by our some of our so called leaders at a time when we are hurting. Some, but not all have lost their moral compass with their moats, duck islands, dry rot and trouser presses and some more seriously should be investigated and prosecuted for fraud with the constant ‘flipping’ of second homes, claiming interest on paid off mortgages and husband and wife MP’s claiming for two homes. Some think by paying back the money that is enough but the British electorate will decide what enough is and we’re not finished yet!
If the Telegraph’s exposures clear out the cheats then it could be a much needed breath of fresh air through our abused system, but don’t be fooled if UKIP do well in the Euro Elections as the British still want the Referendum on the Lisbon Treaty that we were promised, especially as the Irish are to get two votes or as many till they say yes and don’t judge David Cameron too soon he may be just what this country needs, he may just be the next Maggie Thatcher.

Emanuel Paparella2009-05-25 15:32:45
“Somethig must change.” Indeed, Thanos. It appears that humpty dumpty (the capitalistic system) has fallen from the wall and is broken. The crucial question now is: is it worth putting it back together again or is it wiser by far to leave it broken and envision a more humane society based on human spiritual values rather than materialism and mere economic prosperity? Could it be, could it just be, that such were some of the values (or the wanderings, as you call them) that Tony Blair was looking for? I don't know, but that was the impression one gets if one looks at the syllabus of his course on comparative religions he gave at Yale University recently. Just some food for thought. (continued below)

Emanuel Paparella2009-05-25 15:33:10
Indeed, there is rampant confusion within a Western Civilization looking for its soul in the garbage of mere material prosperity. The former radical leftists of course have always know ideologically and almost dogmatically what the solution is: socialism. But, if truth be told, the 20th century experiments with socialism have not been very successful or exemplary when it comes to human rights and human spirituality. Some claim that it will yet succeed with China who will show us the way to prosperity albeit without democracy, and perhaps there is something to that, but the Chinese too have gone the good old way of the 20th century totalitarian societies when it comes to human rights and spirituality and have privileged, as the socialists of old, mere economic principles. I would watch India more closely; she may still teach us how to synthesize economic prosperity, democracy and religion; the way to a new mode of modernity which we cannot even imagine yet here in the “enlightened” West.

So, by all accounts, kicking and screaming, we are entering a post-capitalist society; but a new guiding paradigm seems to be desperately needed and socialism as an ideology simply will not do. As a civilization we have lost not only our political compass, but more ominously, our moral and spiritual compass. What will the future look like, if indeed there is a future for the West? There are inklings but no clear directions. How about vigorously debating and discussing this relevant issue of a post-capitalist society as a theme in the pages of Ovi magazine, Thanos? What do you say?

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