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But ...seriously!
by Thanos Kalamidas
2009-05-18 09:58:41
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So reality catches fast where the Bush administration failed but the worst is that this reality is hard to face and deal with while trying to cover just so many problems and also keep appearances. The worst part of this story is that as usual the poor are the ones who have to deal with everything in the end and what’s going on this minute in Pakistan is another proof.

The Taleban continue their expansion in Pakistan and this minute if you check the map they seem to control nearly half of the country and of course the government has failed to stop them and of course NATO is there watching as usual. First mistake is the involvement of the NATO to a job it belongs to the United Nations that would be able to deploy local experts with knowledge of the regional problems better that everybody else but then Bush’s administration needed to resurrect NATO’s vampire from the cold war for unidentified at the moment plans – that sounds like unidentified flying objects but when it comes to the neo-conservatives plans everything is possible!

However the people of Pakistan have fled for two reasons, one to avoid the coming Taleban and second to avoid the fights that have started between the Taleban militants and the government army which tries to prove to the Americans that they are good and loyal allies, actually this second one might be the reason to lose the local allies they need more!

The same time others flee as well and this time from the Americans and apparently from the Guantanamo! And Algerian detainee, Lakhdar Boumediene has left the Guantanamo Bay camp for France the country that offered to accept the man. Apparently Mr. Lakhdar Boumediene was cleared of any wrong doing despite the fact that he was kept for a very long period as suspect for terrorism! I bet he’s fleeing running!

He’s not the only one running; it seems that the whole British political life is running at the moment to cover up unbelievable money scandals! The last few years the political life has become synonymous to corruption and the leaders of both parties, labour and conservative find themselves in front a tsunami of scandals that include millions of pounds and the corruption reaches the courts of both leaders! It seems that the European politics need a man like Mr. Clean Hands in Italy!

And since we are in Italy, Mr. Clean Hands disappeared when he decided to become a politician but the corruption and Berlusconi’s soap opera continues to thrill the Italians. Actually how you would call a man in his seventies who fancies openly girls in their eighteens? In Italy they call him prime minister!!! Unfortunately this is not a joke!

Joke definitely is the announcement from some bankers that the European economy is recovering fast from the recession and I’m wondering if these people ever go out of their offices and limited social life, if they ever walk on the street and talk with the people otherwise there is no explanation for all the things they say, the people in Europe have problem, serious financial problem and if nothing changes soon then the governments and the banks will have problems, big problems!

But obviously Google has problems lately as well and that because of too much traffic and I never understood what too much traffic means for companies like Google, they are suppose to be able to serve globally and they fail to what they are proud of offering! And yes they ask for our sympathy and understanding.

Sympathy and understanding is something the actress Mia Farrow definitely needs since she had to stop her hunger strike for the Darfur victims. Perhaps it is naïve but you just never know, everything might help on the end to make aware everybody and in the end for somebody to act with what’s going on in Sudan and particularly in the Darfur area.

At least there are some good news but from the space, where nobody has gone before. Repairs are on the way for the upgrade of the Hubble Space Telescope so we can literally see what we haven’t seen before, the only thing missing now is …to live long and prosper! 

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