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Computers changing the Organizations
by Satya Prakash
Issue 11
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Today the business world has become highly competitive with most of the bargaining power shifting towards the customers. Those companies, which can give maximum value to customer at least cost are the order winners. All this has hurt the bottom line of the companies and those who managed to change themselves have survived while others busted. This race for survival has brought radical changes in how companies work and their greatest help in this era has been the computers.

The traditional workflow in any company had been on the lines of various functional departments, like finance & accounting, human resources, production, sales & marketing, etc. But now the workflow has to be changed on the lines as to how a customer interacts with the company. The customer does not see the company along the lines of functional departments but along the various processes, like the process of buying or requesting for information or getting after sales service. Consequently the functional divisions within an organization have merged and have taken the shape of a value chain. In this chain value is created and ultimately passed on to the customer while information flows back through the chain from the customer.

How are organizations managing these changes? Earlier the information of one department used to be with the same department, but now the data are required by all the departments according to the process. The amount of information flow has grown by volumes and also needed is high speed of transaction. An organization which can bring about this change successfully, is called an agile enterprise, and has the best chance of adjusting itself to the changing dynamics of market.

Today all the information sharing and processing work has been totally taken over by computers and the whole workflow is managed by network of computers. This kind of solution is often called as enterprise solution for their reach across the enterprise. They have made the process streamlined, efficient and quite fast. Earlier many operations used to take days for the amount of data processing which are now done in real time. For example any change desired by customer will be managed quite fast. This has benefit for both the customer and the organization, as it reduces waste in the system, thereby bringing down the cost. The information about the potential for the market is more accurately assessed and the production follows it.

Since the information flow is being handled by computers so management has become far easier. This has further resulted in the hierarchy getting flatter. Not only the senior management but most of the employee has access to the information creating democracy. This empowerment of the employees most often results in boosting the morale which is reflected in the increasing productivity.

Today computers have become backbone of any organization and both the customers and the producers are getting benefited.


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