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The hypocrisy of a state with principals
by Thanos Kalamidas
2009-05-15 09:41:56
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In Ovi magazine we have had a host of articles about conscientious objectors and perhaps some of our readers remember the article we have republished today about a conscientious objector in Finland who wrote about his adventures in prison. To remind you his only crime was objecting to do his national service.

I know how difficult it is to explain and to understand what’s going on with these people, the conscientious objectors who are treated as traitors and even the alternatives they have in the name of respect and a society that can tolerate ideas are really an unfair punishment.

Nobody likes wars and this is a fact, except some idiotic examples, even career army officers hate the idea of a war and it is obvious when you read in the news what happens in every nation when there is a victim in any conflict area. And one of the main aims of every nation is to guarantee to its citizens a friendly relationship with every nation, diplomatic solutions to every problem and work for peace. Why there are armies, I think I’m the wrong person to ask because I believe that what we need any more is policemen and not soldiers trained to kill and see the world shared in our guys and the others.

I don’t believe that Finland needs an army because what happened in the past is in the past and nowadays Finland, Russia and Sweden – the immediate neighbours and past enemies – they are friends and partners on just too many levels. I know that it sounds naïve and simplistic but isn’t the truth always simple? Imagine how different it would have been our world if all these billions spent for weapons and armies every day were spent inside the society. Schools, hospitals, research, technology, unemployment, imagine how many things could change. The same time think that this moment and while you were reading those words at least four kids died because they could not have food and water to survive. Imagine that while they create stealth fighters and clever bombs 30,000 kids die every single day!

To stop the war and spent the money and the time we spent creating weapons it’s a case of principals and principals we should all have and respect if not force to everybody. And that’s what the conscientious objectors do. They are defending their principals and perhaps they are braver than most of all to do so despite the attitude of the states. You see the states punish them for having principals, for believing that the wars must stop and that we must do something to save those kids.

I keep repeating that the states punishes these people and it’s true, it does it in the most provocative and discriminating way. These people have the alternative either to do their national service serving in the army without carrying or trained in weapons which don’t make sense. The people who are against the army they are against all including the army even the uniform but the worst is still to come, if they don’t want to serve in the army they have the possibility the serve where the state decides in some kind of public service but doing the double time! Again remember that it is a case of principal and not because of the camouflage uniform so it is natural to reject the suggestion, what follows? Imprisonment! Be in prison with paedophiles, rapists, murderers and drug dealers. That’s the worst kind of revenge from a state to somebody with principals. Destroy their life because of course we are talking mainly about young men!

Of course the problem will finish when the national armies become volunteer and professional but again that is an excuse to forget what I said perhaps naively before that the same time they create armies and arm them 30,000 kids die everyday somewhere in this world and the only thing that can change that is the elimination of every army!

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JFK2009-05-15 09:44:57
"War will exist until that distant day when the conscientious objector enjoys the same reputation and prestige that the warrior does today." (Letter to Navy friend)

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