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Disabling Labeling
by Leah Sellers
2009-05-12 09:44:55
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“Well, little lady, you’re Lucky. You get a high disability rating today.”

“Lucky? Excuse me, doctor, but how does a ’high disability rating’ make me, or anyone else caught up in the American Workman’s Compensation System, ‘Lucky’? Instead of receiving a ‘high disability rating’, I would rather be Fixed. I shouldn’t have to fight my way through a tangled jungle of delays, denials, and seemingly endless legal hearings with lawyers in order to get the surgery - the medical treatments and procedures I need.”

“I don’t want to labeled disabled.”

“I don’t want to Walk throughout the rest of my Life with a clumsy Walker. I refuse to Roll around for the rest of my life in a Wheelchair! I don’t want to be crippled - to be ’disabled’ for the rest of my Life! I want to be Fixed!”

“And, Sir, I am no longer a little lady. I’ve put on fifty pounds since my injury on the job two years ago, because of my present very limited mobility.”

The doctor, clearly taken aback, peered at me beneath his wire rimmed glasses. He cleared his throat, but before he could say anything I apologized. “I’m sorry, Sir, I don’t mean to be rude. I appreciate the fact that you feel that you’re helping me by being able to give me a ‘high disability rating’. That it means more money in my pocket. But I’m less interested in the money, and more interested in getting my Health back. I want, and need, my Quality of Life returned to me. I want the surgery, procedures and treatments I Need to be Healed.”

“It goes against all Logic for the Worker’s Compensation System’s insurance company to keep me broken down and crippled for these past two years, and now, I am realizing, possibly for the rest of my Life. They have fought almost every treatment and procedure my doctors have requested for my well being, with the exception of the powerful (and outrageously expensive) drugs prescribed for me in order to mask (manage) my pain; which I eventually stopped taking and later refused, because of the drugs documented long term damaging effects upon the Mind and Body.” (How inconvenient for the giant pharmaceutical companies).

“The WC System has literally forced me to finally hire a lawyer, making me spend money I don’t have, in order to effectively fight the well paid insurance lawyers at these endless Worker’s Comp hearings. It goes against all Reason!”

“I was injured on the job by one of my students. I was injured while attending to the needs of my students. I do not deserve to be treated like this - to be left crippled and in pain like this, Sir.”

“I am not a disposable piece of broken furniture - a torn up play thing to be thrown out on a whim. I am a Human Being!”

“I was a very high functioning, physically and socially active Human Being, before this crippling ‘on the job injury‘.”

“Now, I have difficulty getting around. Just getting dressed is a battle with Pain and lack of Mobility. It’s ridiculous!”

“I don’t want to have to participate in playing lawyers games. I simply want and need Just and Proper Medical Care.”

“You inform me, kind Sir, that I have lost one inch of my muscle mass in the thigh and calf areas of my left leg. That I have lost more nerve responses and coordination in both of my legs (not to mention my bladder). That’s not Music to my Ears, sir. That brings me nothing but Tears and Fears for my Future.”

“Getting a ’high disability rating’ is another insidious part of the lawyers and insurance companies WC Game.”

“At the end of the day, the lawyers, insurance adjustors, and doctors go home Whole and Healthy. But not me. No, Sir, I get to embarrassingly hobble around in constant, severe pain. No more walking normally, hiking, biking, kayaking, vigorous sports or horseback riding for me. No, Sir.”

“At the end of day, the lawyers, insurance adjustors and doctors lay down in bed to relax and get some restful sleep. But not me. No, Sir, Every time my Body moves (consciously or unconsciously) Pain drives its way throughout my physical Being. Most of my Nights are spent painfully struggling for Rest - for Sleep.”

“So, not only do I hobble around like an awkward Old Fiddler Crab, but my continuous lack of sleep has a tendency to make an Old Fiddler Crab even Crabbier (snip - snap).”

“So, sir, when you tell me that I should be appreciative regarding your medical findings, and as a result of those findings my ’high disability rating’, I hope that you can Forgive my lack of Gratitude and Enthusiasm.”

“I’m more interested in being Healed. I do not want to be left crippled, and with money (a cheap pay-off) in my pockets. It will not be enough money to pay for the surgery, procedures and treatments I will still need, when the WC System can finally (and legally) wash its dirty hands of me. Not to mention the fact, that after the WC System legally, but unethically, signs me off - no other insurance company will touch me because my condition will be ’labeled’ disabling-ly Pre-Existing.”

“The Worker’s Compensation System, especially in Texas, since all of the so-called tort reforms in the 1990’s, is a sham! A Legalistic Labyrinth of Fun and Games for the well paid lawyers and insurance adjustors (and the gloatingly bloated insurance companies they work for). The House (WC) Cards are cruelly (but efficiently) stacked against Injured Workers. The Game jig is rigged!”

“I’m Fixable! I’m Treatable! I do not want to be labeled Dis-Abled!”

“A dysfunctional - a broken WC System, by its very Nature, cannot effectively Heal a broken Human Being. The WC System needs the ’high disability rating’! The WC System needs to be labeled disabled!”

“No offense intended against you, kind Sir. Because I realize that you, like myself are just another Game Piece within this ludicrously Game Playing System. But I find this Disabled WC System’s insistent and nonsensically inhumane labeling disruptingly Life disabling!”

“On this WC System’s decree of how I am to Be We are Dis-a-Greed (greed being the Obstacle inherent within this UnJust Debacle), because You (WC) have Decreed that I am to be left a hobbling, gobbling Disability!”

“I do not want to be Forced by WC to remain a Crippled Cipher - a Disability!”

“I refuse to remain Mute. I Stand Up in genuine Dispute! I want and Need the Just and Humane return of my previous Abilities! I want and Need the Just and Humane return of my previous Life, Happiness and Liberties!”

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