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Berlusconi, Just Resign!
by Alexandra Pereira
2009-05-10 11:02:59
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It has become more and more obvious for me that most of my Italian friends are extremely and increasingly concerned with the state of their country and the quality of their democracy. Berlusconi is not just a joker, he is a very dangerous kind of clown – playing unfunny tricks and not managing to control his tongue at any time. Someone, be it the EU or just the Italians who are still awake by now, has to stop this man. He has been destroying one by one all the pillars of Italian democracy. Italians, please, we Europeans beg you… leave your focaccio, your cappuccinos, your fiori di zucca fritti and your prosciutto di Parma, your pasti, antipasti and bevande aside for one minute, just look at what is going on around you, at your revolted and frustrated youth and… do something! I don’t think we can afford those things to happen inside the EU, and in such an unbelievably beautiful and culturally rich country as Italy is. It would be such a shameful waste for Italians and Europeans in general.

silvio2_400We are all tired of the sex scandals, the bad-taste so-called jokes (isn’t Berlusconi that  kind of man whom you feel like punching a dozen times when he says utter rubbish and claims that was a naïve “joke”?), the public accusations exchanged with his wife or ex-wife or whatever and the soap operas about beauty-mistresses-who-become-political-candidates. But there is much more to it. He is not just the international policy folkloric joker. That is actually a cover to disguise an indoors dictator! And THAT’S NOT funny! From the attempts to change the Italian Constitution, the manipulation of almost all Radio and TV stations and newspapers in the country and the light and trivial way how he controls a corrupt parliament, to idiotic laws encouraging popular vigils in order to control the immigrants in Italy, the obligation of all elementary school teachers to write reports about foreign children in their classes, the attempts to submit jurists to regular psychiatric check-ups, the scandals of government members and European parliament candidates chosen because of their competence shown… while having sex with him...

…to the financial scandals, the prohibition of building mosques because allegedly they “encourage terrorism and represent terrorist centers”, violating the freedom of religion consecrated in the Italian Constitution and forcing Italy’s Muslims to pray on the streets (forgetting even parts of the national heritage and history – remember Palermo, for example, full of mosques next to the Catholic churches, Muslim palaces and Turkish baths), to the multiple corruption scandals and the dubious electoral results… that’s just too much and it smells really bad! The whole Europe and the world have had enough of Berlusconi! Adding to that the jokes about the earthquake victims (the latest one being the kind advice he gave to the families: “buy new furniture at IKEA”), and the fact that many Italian journalists and writers have been persistently denouncing that there is no freedom of press and freedom of expression in Italy. Does anyone hear? Even the internet is controlled.

silvio1_400There is no freedom of press in Italy, and that’s something just proper of a dictatorship! Do the EU leaders, Commissioners and Parliament members worry about that? Who is going to tell Mr. Berlusconi that’s just definitely not the way things in a democracy are supposed to work like? Candidates, anyone: Mr. Barroso, Ms. Merkel, Mr. Brown, Mr. Sarkozy? Oh I know, we’re just too ridiculously busy with standardizing the amounts of salt in ALL the European bread! Well I’ve lately been listening to many friends who call or write from Italy just to complain, more and more often, and I think that mustn’t be a good sign. They need to make their words heard out of the country… because inside the country their words are just choked!

Thus my bid: Mr. Berlusconi, Make Yourself a Very Good Favor: Resign, Quit the Electoral Campaign, Stop Playing the Retarded Clown of Europe and Leave the Italians and the Europeans Alone Once And For All! Or Please Someone Offer Him a Job at IKEA… I’m sure they would be happy to have him around flirting with clients on the kitchen section during his late-eighties! Someone Tell Him That, Unlike His Female Beauty Candidates, He Stinks! And There’s Too Much Botox On His Hairdresser-Colored Ego, Too Much Solarium on His Political Tan! I don’t care if it is going to be his wife or ex-wife or whatever, his mistress miss, his dog, his chameleon, a still dignified part of the opposition (does it exist?), an elementary school teacher writing a report about the PM, a popular vigil in order to control Berlusconi, a Pepsi bomb by the Muslim community or a competent judge who can send him to prison or to a psychiatric check-up, I just know that this state of things has to have an end, and the sooner the better, because the man does not even have enough self-criticism to resign and enjoy his villas and the pleasure of a natural tan with his Italian or Finnish over-18 lovers or whomever and his chameleon on his yachts while leaving the voters alone! Italian youth is seeing their dreams cut in half by a useless government and extremely corrupt institutions – many preferring emigration to living in a country where they don’t feel they are free enough or have the opportunities they need for their futures to smile at them, the opportunities they always wished for and deserve – With No Colored Bald-Head, Misogynist Botox or Fake Political Tan!

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Emanuel Paparella2009-05-10 14:35:22
That Berlusconi is a Fellinesque clown, even Italians who misguidedly go and vote for him would agree. I myself have written a whole article in this very magazine by that title not too long ago (see http://www.ovimagazine.com/art/4146 ). Since the question of whether or not there is a serious opposition is put into question, perhaps it bears reiterating here that the article began with quotes by two Italian women, both parlamentarians, Donata Gottardi and Anna Paola Concia, who publicly denounced Berlusconi to the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg. So the follow-up question now is this: What, if anything, has such a Court of Human Rights decided on the matter? I would wager nothing, which logically would make it too part of the general circus with meaningless values on the bureaucratic books, or am I being too disrespectful of European institutions that guard human rights. How many people in Europe care enough to vote in European elections?

Be that as it may what is most disturbing to me is the thought that the man enjoys more than 70% popularity in Italy and that a majority of Italians keep electing him. Which leads to another troubling question: in a democracy ought not the choice of the people be respected, no matter how misguided that choice may be, or should a little dictator who knows better take over a la Napoleon to restore order and dignity to the country. In other words, do people deserve their choices? Which I suppose would lead us back to the conundrum in Plato’s Republic where the philosopher seems to be advocating rule by a philosopher king and a few “enlightened” circle of advisers. Which in turn leads to another intriguing question: was Lincoln wrong when he said that one cannot fool all the people all the times? Food for thought.

Emanuel Paparella2009-05-10 14:40:14
P.S. Talking of food, I wager that if Mr. Berlusconi reads this letter, he will immediately ignore the content, declare that they are just unproven and scurrilous accusations attacking the dignity of a prime minister, and focus on the form in order to distract from the real issue. For instance, he will point out that the Italian language has gender and therefore focaccia is not masculine but feminine and probably make a sexist joke on that. He will also point out that pasta too is feminine and its plural therefore is paste unless one is referring to meals, in that case it is masculine; and he will surely make another joke on that. I wish Fellini were still around. He could see the incongruities not only in the accused but in the accuser too. He is probably turning in his grave.

Emanuel Paparella2009-05-10 16:55:27
I just received an e-mail from an Italian friend who suggested that we increase our catharsis by adding donkey's ears and an Arlecchino suit and clown's lips. Fine, but I wonder if that juvenile act does not play in Berlusconi's hands; argumenti ad hominem are his forte. Besides, my friends is a bit naive if he thinks that old men give up power that easily simply by being shamed into it; those men are usually shameless. Kissinger, another old man enamored of power had it on target: power is the ultimate aphrodisiac.

Emanuel Paparella2009-05-10 16:59:17
Errata: friend.

Alexandra Pereira2009-05-10 17:12:42
Please tell your friend that the donkey ears sound like a very good idea, cathartic or not.

Emanuel Paparella2009-05-10 18:27:06
Ah, the genius of Commedia dell'arte; only the Italians could have invented it, together with Opera Buffa. Even the circus pales in comparison

Alexandra Pereira2009-05-10 22:02:56
Sure. Whatever.

Alexandra Pereira2009-05-10 22:10:34
I happen to agree with Mr. Tuomioja on this subject matter:


Alexandra Pereira2009-05-10 22:31:02
Nigerians say it more proudly, when they have to answer to insults from their own leaders:
"Good people, Great Nation, Bad Leaders!"

Emanuel Paparella2009-05-10 23:30:44
I agree with Fellini and the two Italian parlamentarians Ms.Gottardi and Ms. Concia. It seems to me to be a bit constructive and corageous to start a lawsuit in a court of justice for mysoginy than to write a criticism in one's personal blog.

Alexandra Pereira2009-05-11 02:45:50
Well how could Mr. Tuomioja do that, unless Berlusconi begins to flatter and "use all his playboy skills" with Finnish men too??

Alexandra Pereira2009-05-11 22:47:36
...AND the Italians in Finland have something VERY important to declare as well:


(Helsinki, 11th of May 2009)

Alexandra Pereira2009-05-11 22:51:09
Original message by them over here:


Alexandra Pereira2009-05-11 23:16:50
Oh nevermind, I will translate it for all of you:
"The Italians in Finland to Berlusconi:

Collection of signatures in the community of Italians (77 signatures since...today!)
With this message, Italians living in Finland (whose names are listed below), completely dissociate themselves from everything that the President of the Italian Council, Silvio Berlusconi, has ever affirmed about Finland and its culture, in all its forms. Also, they consider such "outsourcing" harming of their reputation and their interpersonal relationships inside the country that currently hosts them.
Finally, they would like to stress the importance of absorbing positive role models from other nations, just as the ideals of a United Europe suggest."

Alexandra Pereira2009-05-13 01:56:35
More developments on this topic - read Helsinki Sanomat (in english):


Leah Sellers2009-06-01 02:42:53
Dear A.P.,
I thoroughly enjoyed your article about the Big Baloney (bologna) Berlusconi.
It appears he is creating his own Circus - ha ! At the unfortuante expense of his People and People's Nation.
Perhaps, it should be suggested to him that he get his own soap opera to star in. Or perhaps become a night show host (like Jay Leno).
You, Emanuel and your Friends are correct in
asserting that all Peoples need to vocalize and demand more from our Global Leaders
and their Decisions and Behaviors.
This whole process is very healthy to a democracy !
These types of men, and their selfish, destructive desires and drives need to have the Light of Awareness cast upon them ! it will be the only way to get things to Change for the better for Everyone !

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