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In the name of god
by Thanos Kalamidas
2009-04-29 08:35:01
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Sometimes I’m wondering if over the last year we all have lost the sense of numbers especially when it comes to human lives. At least sixty people, sixty innocent people and more than 125 injured when two suicide bombers detonated explosives near two of the most important Shia shrines in Baghdad and that only a day after another suicide bomber who killed more than eighty. Actually it makes you wonder how many people are left in Iraq!

The saddest thing is that over 25 of the dead were kids, I mean the future of Iraq doesn’t matter what side they are their blood and their hope and they were killed inside a supposedly holy place for what reason. I mean in the most extreme and twisting way to go against the infidels makes some kind of sense but go against your very own people inside the temple of the same faith it doesn’t make sense at all at least to me. And however hard I try I cannot find the same in any other religion or faith and because I suppose a lot might refer to wars in the Christian territory I must remind that religion was never even an excuse for war between Christians without that meaning that Christians are innocent of barbarism!

But again I’m trying to understand what is the world these people are dreaming, from the look of it the only ones will be left will be the preachers of hate and some warlords enough to kill each other! That sounds like cannibalism! A local police officer said that the two suicide bombers were waiting just before the Friday prayers start to detonate their bombs, the very same prayers they said themselves before they start their deadly mission.

I suppose that the same happens in every single civil war, in Sudan, in Sri Lanka brothers kill brothers and in the end the real victims are little kids, the future and the hope of every nation. Sixty people died in Baghdad and in between them twenty five kids and all that in the name of god!  I think this is the part I find difficult to accept. All my life I defended others’ believes and faith and sometimes I even defended other people’s religious believers and their right to religion coming in contradiction to my own believes just because I felt oblige to do so. I accept that all religions have messages of hope and love and I have long accepted to separate the church from the religious fanatics of all sides and I always have the feeling that the fanatics exist in every religion but they are the minority that the majority manages to keep on the side and their reactions not to represent the church whatever church that is.

And then the last few years especially I feel that these fanatics between the Muslims becoming from the weak minority to a strong majority so strong that is able to turn the whole world in a world of fear and terror. The other day I was rereading on the news something that made me get really angry, somewhere in Iran a seven year-old boy stole a piece of bread because he was hungry. The little kid was arrested and punished by the Sharia law; and till now you probably think that things sound normal and probably think that the social services will take care of the kid. Well you are wrong, the holy Sharia law, the law that is supposed inspired from holy texts sentenced the seven year-old boy to lose his right arm, the one he used  to take the bread, to be broken under the weight of a …car! A seven year-old boy!

When it comes to Iraq I have the feeling that the word civil war is not a political correct word but how the hell can you call what happens there? What motivates these people to kill people with the same blood? In the name of god!!!

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Emanuel Paparella2009-04-29 11:02:34
When the fanatics become the majority imposing their will within a religion, then that religion, no matter which, has been abused, changed and corrupted beyond recognition. At that point one can safely call it a cult rather than a religion. A religion without freedom of religion is indeed an oxymoron because without freedom there is no love either of God and neighbor, merely determinism. Unfortunately those who have a bias against religion in general often enough confuse cults for religion. They believe themselves enlightened and wise when they throw the baby (faith) out with the bathwater (the abuses of religion). An automaton cannot possibly love and have a relationship with a personal God or anybody else for that matter, and will ultimately embrace nihilism, loss of purpose and meaning and divulge it in the name of God. To spread one’s fanatical ideology in the name of God is the ultimate blasphemy and idolatry. What monsters we have created in our brave new world! I think God, who undoubtedly has a sense of humor, must be highly amused at the fact that the creatures he created in her own image, the same people who write the beginning of their name with a capital letter, write his name with a small g. Could the problematic begin right there? Just a thought.

John C, Henthorne, Jr.2009-05-02 21:23:09
See "Hit Em With A Stick" http://www.ovimagazine.com/art/3847. Found this when I was looking for information on behavior modification of the masses. It explains a lot about what is going on in the world now. Not only What is being done "in the name of God", but also in the name of World Peace, freedom from oppression, and more. Now I am hooked on OVI

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