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Fallen Angel
by Pamela Hunt
2015-12-09 11:10:35
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Yesterday my heart…knew sun!
Today it is empty!

Yesterday the war was won…..
And I was fulfilling my destiny!

angel01My blue eyes skies….that people trusted!

Now my red sky is falling….
My dreams lie at my feet like;
Black Worms!(writhing and dying!)

No more a champion-
At trying!
No more buying the staircase to Heaven!
Nowhere to go…
Nowhere to turn…

"Do others see me burn?"

Constantly saying good-bye…
While columns of prayer…
Like air keep me afloat.

Hope….(a life preserver)
Throw me a line…
They all want to "shine…
(In the church!)

Toss me another Valentine…
Because this life hurts too much!

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Elsa Lycias Joel2015-12-09 11:24:48
"in war everyone's a loser". both sides pay a heavy price i one way or the other

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