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Window Pain Window Pain
by Pamela Hunt
2021-11-13 09:21:51
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The cat…slate gray, stands sentry-
At the bedroom window, sentry for centuries…standing like an old, tall building,
Green eyes panicky….

The skies having un-leashed their fury on the poor animal,
Thunderous claps of disapproval send the poor guilt-ridden animal to-
My window…

Why are cats so guilt-ridden?

He has an angel who watches over him…
But where was she last summer when-
He bounced a car off his hip like he thought….
It was only a moth, and ended up with a broken fanny?

Well, a broken femur the vet told us and we spent every penny-
To get a pin it it….he doesn’t even limp!

In and out the bedroom window he leaps,
Looking for adventure…
I stare after him worried….

The window is dirty, un-kempt the way the cat looked,
When we got the new puppy…
The cute mini dachshund I call the devil-
In disguise because he is a people-eating machine!

Don’t neglect me…he seems to shout our guilt all over-
The neighborhood….
So I give him a swift bath with a wet washcloth and both of us-
Are relieved of guilt? un-kemptness, for awhile

The window is still dirty….

Who wants to see into the prophetic future anyhow?


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