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by Pamela Hunt
2009-05-17 09:39:27
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I'm getting too old….to keep running, from the pain-
(from reality)

How long have I done this?

Keeping the tears…the fears in?
Until I finally "feel it….
The failed marriage…
Losing the kids….

Feeling helpless to give them;
Advice, money, the world!

It's a sad thing!

To be "noodle-arms….

So, I press them, like  flowers….(photographs)
Between the pages of my Bible!
And present them; trophies of God.

To take and to polish and to watch over;
Until they are one day completely in-
His hands for good…..

Thankful for a Heavenly father…
Who keeps an eye on things…
When I cannot!

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Emanuel Paparella2009-05-17 15:14:53
Inspiring poem for all of us who have sons and daughters and grandchildren.

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