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Hale Michigan
by Pamela Hunt
2016-02-09 10:57:04
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Living here…I begin to feel a little intimate with Ole Bessy!
(A cow's udder…for a mudder?) Heaven forbid!
No friends, yet? So, I'm outside the laundromat talking to the Amish's horse.
I'm thinking this really is a one-horse town.

"Would you like an ice cream cone?" I ask the horse.
Oh shoot, I might get in trouble if I feed someone's horse an ice cream cone
Without their permission. And I'm not about to knock on the door of the
People their visiting…and bother them!

There's one tavern here…even when it's opened it seems closed!

It's dark and empty….

Sometimes… (but not often) I long for the city…
The smell of manure, ain't no cure either-
But sometimes…just going for "a ride….
Helps keep us from going stir-crazy!

They sell a lot of beer over at the County Fair store…
But they sell a lot of sweet corn and tomatoes, too!

I hear they eat….cow brains with their scrambled eggs….
Well, I don't need my praises sung…but I guess I sort of expected that-
When I….tried "cow's tongue….and found it to be quite good.

I have my gripes about small-town living…the cat Harley (see-more)
Seems to know more, yes, he knows the score-about what's going on in this town more than I do!

People seem t o come into the house and look for your dirty laundry here!
They try to show you theirs then they run yours up the flag pole!

"Leave my dirty bloomers alone….

The rumor mill…we jokingly call it!

Hale has its secrets…a lot of saints and a hero or two hidden within its perimeters!

Small town blues….
It's really a good place to be a-
"goody-two shoes…

We have a seven-toed cat…he thinks he is a freak!

We live in this two-story farmhouse….
I live with my boyfriend and an old man!
We have good and bad times,
Like everyone else.

We all like to say: that we're going to church on Sunday-
We have good intentions….
I told the preacher that I really stink….for not coming to church more often…

Guess what he said….


I just made that up….It's quiet here…a good place for a writer to work!

In the basement with a long-legged spider for a friend!
I didn't have the heart to do the usual thing, which is to immediately "squash" it!
Wait...first I usually "scream"….and then squash!

I have been writing children's tales and I remember how much I loved Charlotte, as a child, the loyal-friend character in E.B. White's novel Charlotte's Web!

I named her Crystal…and I actually saw her beauty…
She looked like the Las Vegas showgirl type spider! Her long legs, the way she ran up the wall when I screamed, more scared than I was!

It made me laugh…

I let her live….
Ahh! You got a have a few friends in this life, right?


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