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Bag Lady Bag Lady
by Pamela Hunt
2019-09-28 09:27:15
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She clutches her bag, an odd, old paisley thing…with;
Un-important things inside!

Plastic combs, mints flecked with dirt….all un-covered like her sins,
She sometimes feels….exposed in the big city,
Vulnerable…she gets on a bus and forgets where she is ….
Yesterday, she could look at the photographs in her bag and-
Remember who those people were!

“How did these get in there?” she was happy to find something,
Not predictable in her bag!
Nail clippers for a dog, lipstick the color of rust on a Volvo!
Lemon drops…a few dirty cotton swabs…
Now, they brought her agony of heart…
Her prayer?
Remember where…who I am!



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