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Why the Angry Procession Toward Succession?
by Leah Sellers
2009-04-21 08:54:52
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Should Texas (or any other American State, for that matter) secede from the Union of the United States?

Why ask this question?

During the Texas Tax Tea Parties this past April 15th, 2009, this question actually raised its Ugly Head and is still being discussed, ruminated and cogitated upon on the airwaves and high definition boob tubes throughout the Country.

That’s right! Amazing as it may sound, some Texans (thank heavens, not All), who just several months ago were pledging ThemSelves to be True Blue American Patriots are wanting to Rebelliously Secede - get a D-I-V-O-R-C-E from the United States of America, and form another Country (or five) of Their own - another Family Entity (perfectly controlled and with no differences or dissendents?) of Their own.

These quasi-Successionists All appear to have had enough! In a modern technological World in which anything that makes Us uncomfortable, ceases to gratify or pleasurably stimulate Us, ceases to serve Our immediate whims, wishes or desires is apathetically thrown away or cast aside (like an empty soda pop can, an old car, twice used shoes or a suit, an old computer, iPod, t.v., cell phone...etc.) for what makes Us feel good - what makes Us look ’cool’, adds to Our so-called perceived ’status’ in life or speeds up Our already fast paced lives even more - Why Not?! Anything goes!!

What has happened to Words and Ideas like Loyalty, Perseverance, Steadfastness or Beneficial Longevity? What has happened to Staying With SomeThing or some Pathway that is really Important - really Worthwhile and Far Reaching? Knowing all the while that Change, and Our willingness to Adapt to Change are always going to be essential and irrepressible elements of Our Lives?

No, instead We have developed a Nation (and a World) full of Successionists who seek to ’throw out the Baby with the Bath Water’!

Why should We ’work’ on Relationships - Relationships with Our Family - Our Friends - Our Country - Our World?! Why is that so Important?!

No, instead, like spoiled and petulant Children, when the going gets tough, We ’turn tail and run for the Hills (the Successionists Hills). Why do The Hard? Why put Our shoulders to the Yoke (not of Our Choosing, but, nonetheless, of All of Our Making) and Strive to make Forward Progress - to Fix the Things We have participated in breaking down (no matter how large or small our part may have been) and putting into jeopardy!

Seceding, Acting out, Tantruming, Running Away won’t Solve anything. It will only Create more Chaos and bloat the Corpse of Our (and Our Nation's and the World's) Problems and Challenges. Is that the New Texas - the New Divided States of America - the New World You want to help Create? Is that the Role Model to want to set up for Future Generations?

When We defiantly throw-up Our Texican coonskin caps and pop-off Our long-barrelled rifles (and Tea Bags) into the air, and declare Sacred Words like, ’Independence, and Liberty from Tyranny’; all We’re really doing is asking for a DIVORCE. We’re quitting America (and the World) just when They Need Us the Most.

We’re saying, “I don’t Love You anymore, America, You’re Not serving my Needs or Wants! You’re Growing Up, America into SomeThing, Some Entity I no longer Understand or feel Comfortable with! You’re Changing into a Global Storm I don’t Comprehend - that frightens me! You’re breaking all of the Rules of the Game I’ve played by for years! I'm picking up my marbles and going to play elsewhere! I'm creating my own playground and Fencing it off! I don't care that you (America, the Beautiful) have Nurtured and Sustained me and my Family for Generations and years as a Great and Bountiful Nation! The World around me is Changing!

The old ranch hands, cowboys, horses and wagons, and Ways of Doing Things are being put out to pasture for New gadgets, New business enterprises and New Ways of Doing Things in this New Age! Where do I fit in? When will things get Better - become Stabilized and Secure? When will I stop feeling like I'm Losing everything I've worked so hard for, and feel like a Winner again?

Our American Family has become too dysfunctional for the Successionists. To Them America is not Worth the Effort of Their Adapting to Change - to the Hard Work and Patience it takes to Become more Open and Enlightened Human Beings Nationally and Globally. They are Uncomfortable. They just want out!

Succession, in today’s World, is an ignoble concept born within the Hearts and Mouths of spoiled, selfish Quitters.

Buck up, Texans! Buck up, Americans! Buck up, World! Change is Inevitable, Perpetual, ever Dynamic! Change is Hard! But We have to at least Try to Participate (in whatever ways We can or are able to) in Adapting - in Fixing things. Blend the Old Ways (Texican, American and Global) with the New. We, must learn to Embrace Transformation - embrace the Pain, Suffering and Transmutational Fire and Water inherent within the Birth and Life Cycles of the continuous processes of Our World's ever rumblin' and grumblin' New Ages! Stay Married to One Another! Stay True to One Another! Remember that We are all in the Same Ark (boat) Together as Human Beings! Communicate, Debate, and Commiserate amongst OurSelves in Constructive, Meaningful, and Empathetic tones and modalities. Strive to Be Reflective, Receptive Listeners and Innovative Conceptualizers!

For Better or for Worse, Texans (and Texicans), for All of Our innumerable (and at times seemingly irreconcilable) Differences, We are Americans. We are Citizens of a Great Nation and the of the World. Disgruntled, Uncomfortable, Irritable, and Impatient, Yes! Change (Wanted or UnWanted) has that Effect/Affect on EveryOne. But We are American Citizens and Patriots, nonetheless. For the Good of EveryOne, for Better or for Worse, We should take Our Vows Seriously - Loyally - Steadfastly - UnSelfishly. “America, Thee We Do Wed”! And World - that Makes You Our Relatives - Our In-laws (not out-laws).

If every Nation (Planetary Family Member) upon the Face of Our blue-green gemstone, Earth, can find it Within ThemSelves to Do that, We will All be Greater, more Prosperous and Fortuitous (in, oh, so many ways, seen and unforeseen) for it.

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Chuck Norris2009-04-21 09:19:00
I may run for president of Texas!

If this country starts to spiral out of control and Mexico melts down or whatever, if it really starts to spiral out of control, before America allows a country to become a totalitarian country (which it would have under I think the Republicans as well in this situation; they were taking us to the same place, just slower), Americans won't stand for it. There will be parts of the country that will rise up.

Alexandra Pereira2009-04-21 16:17:40
And then, people like Mr. Paparella are worried with the identity crisis in Europe... well I see division, racism, conservative and extreme right feelings rising their head in America - you guys should be careful with that, both the tea parties and the Secessionists - it can be a prelude for something else, far more serious. Who warns you is your friend...

Alexandra Pereira2009-04-21 16:21:01
It doesn't mean that they don't exist in Europe, but I think with the election of Obama they became greater dangers in the US... so beware of, those are very delicate fields, and very dangerous ones - specially combined with a crisis which leaves many people desperate.

Leah Sellers2009-04-21 17:23:01
Yes, Ms. Pereira, you are oh so, right. The pschological/sociological chemistry of America is highly combustible at this time. That is what concerns me.
Having taught and dealt with troubled youth (many of whom were bright to gifted and talented) for seven
years, I fully understand just how quickly things can get out of control and chaotic, when it comes to the personal drives of human beings. Especially, whose who are are prone to want to explode and want everything around them to explode with them, no matter what the consequences (even to themselves). They don't really think it all the way through. They just act ! And they act violently !

Leah Sellers2009-04-21 17:26:54
In fact, in many ways, troubled youth (and adults) spend their lives seceding from situations and people. Even those they love. As a patriot or a emeber of a Family, the dynamics are much the same.

Leah Sellers2009-04-21 17:35:06
At this moment in Time, America (and much of the World) are very troubled and confused.
The peaceful demonstrations of the Tea Parties are just a barometer for the deep seeded Fears choking most American these days. They are Fears demanding to be Heard. The key is to Hear what is being conveyed, and make it a part of the overall Remedy - take it into account. So, that these Americans don't feel the necessity for flight of fight, but remain a Thinking part of helping to fix things, and not feel so helpless and ignored.
All of that is a tall order - but 'Doable' !

Emanuel Paparella2009-04-21 19:15:06
Indeed, as I have repeatedly written, the crisis is not merely European or American but it is the crisis of a civilization (Western so called) that goes from the extreme of narcisism to that of self-hatred and is unable to discern and defend its true cultural values. I am afraid we in the West are all in the same boat and it is called nihilism and the economic turmoil is a mere symptom.

Alexandra Pereira2009-04-21 20:58:13
I agree with you entirely, Leah. I sincerely hope that hearing them is enough - if they want to be heard, that is. I also see many similarities with having to deal with troubled youth - but please have into account that these are adults, most of them. They know what they're doing and have given it a second thought. I just hope they don't become more radical (nor violent) as time passes.

Alexandra Pereira2009-04-21 21:08:26
My advice would be: don't underestimate nor patronize them, don't treat them haughtily, but show clearly that racist, xenophobic, violent or hateful behaviours (and the growth of hate groups in general) will never be tolerated. In a true democracy, there are clear limits for those. But this is just what I think, and it's worth as much as any other opinion - or even less, they say, because I'm a European.

Alexandra Pereira2009-04-21 21:44:50
It is all fine and healthy if there are divergent opinions in the context of a democratic system. As for the hate groups in particular, the only reason why I think that people shouldn't be condescendent nor patronizing towards them is not because they don't really deserve to be considered as brainless children, it is just because it can increase their anger and make them act-out more quickly. I fear for Obama's safety, and I think the behaviors and words of some CIA gentlemen with responsibilities before the American people and a duty of fidelity towards their President haven't helped much, lately. The Americans should demand good explanations from them.

Leah Sellers2009-04-23 18:13:59
Hello Alexandra,
Thank you for your point of view and warning. But I never saw my students as brainless. Quite the contrary, I was fully aware of their various intelligences, as well as the woundings which so altered and led their lives around like a bull with a ring in its nose. Their unadmitted and reflected upon emotions are what ruled the day. One of my many functions was to try and get them in touch with those very emotions while getting them to care about their education once again.
Most of my behavioral students were boys (young men) truly bright and gifted and talented. Because they were so bright, they truly understood just how dysfunctional the world's they were being raised were. They chose violence and other assorted crimes as a means to deal with their outer and inner Chaos. Because most of them were so bright and gifted, they were very adept at bringing that very Chaos to the doorsteps of Others.
I tried to teach them that Honest,Courteous and Meaningful Communication skills were their most valuable Tools for Changing the World they lived in.
I feel that is the Key for Everyone. Violence and Crime are not the Answers. They only perpetuate more of the Same.

Thresa Matthews2010-10-31 03:11:31
67 Texas Counties have people in them calling for a citizens' convention, which hasn't happened since 1861.

In Texas, we have the Right of Revolution under Article 1, Section 2 of the Texas Constitution.

This does not give Texans the right to rebel against legitimate authority. But it's considered not only a right but a duty to rebel against a government whose objectives have become perverse.

Consider our condition; we are entering our 150th year of captivity to the U.S. federal government. I think a great truth has been obscured; that the federal government overthrew the people using the military meant for our defense and established a centralized power by rule of force, not upon consent of the governed.

Now it moves to further consolidate its power, and must be stopped.

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