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The American Mad Hatter's Tea Party!
by Leah Sellers
2009-04-18 11:48:12
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“Whoop-whoop it up! We’ll put the iconic Boston Tea Party to shame and reclaimed memory! Dressed up as Native American Indians (or not), in order to fool the local constabularies and towns people, We’ll throw (and pour) the Tea (prefabricated tea bags, pre-made, bottled liquid herbal teas, etc...) into the American Sea Harbors, Rivers, Lakes, Streams, Ponds, Tanks and self made Mud Puddles! Our Cause is Just and Fair! No, Taxation without Representation (Oops! We voted for these American men and women. These particular members of Congress. And these elected officials are not members of a foreign country’s - England’s - Parliament)! Well, Our intentions and Our message to Our rapacious and all too Big Government are what count anyway! We’re mad as Heck! And we won’t take it anymore!”

What’s one of the Best things to come from America’s National Tea Party Protests today? Democracy at Work! Voices of Dissent raised to be Heard by a Government which (to Them) feels Un-Caring and Dis-Connected from the Needs and Fears of the Citizens Voicing their genuine Concerns and Complaints.

These Un-Happy Campers supply Themselves with significance by asking (anyone who will listen), “Are We an insignificant fringe element or are We a terrible threat to the left-wing agenda - to the Obama Lemmings and Stampeding Sheep?” “We are not Leaping Lemmings! We are not Baaaing Sheep,” the whoopin’ and hollerin’ American Tea Party Attendees claim! “We are Tea Baggers ( by one definition, persons unaware that they have done something lame, childish, foolish, etc... The 'Mad Hatter's' Party Hats fit rather comfortably these days)!”

When these fear based Americans cry out, “Down with Taxes!” They might as well be saying, “Down with taking Responsibility for Our parts, and Our participation, in the past Mis-Takes We made, as Individuals and as a Nation, and having to pay the Piper! Down with Taxes (the monies) which Support and Sustain America’s various components of Infrastructure and Outerstructure! Down with the difficult Commitment to ‘dig Ourselves out’ of this Abysmal Financial Hole of Our own Making - Our own previous short sighted, and self gratifying Diggiings! We are Americans! Stressed Out Americans! Pouring and throwing Our stresses into Our fluid and Tea laden Self-Made Troughs!”

President Obama made History when We elected him. He proudly Became America’s first black president. Now, the Tea Party Protesters are Re-Making History with Their Rebellious Tea Parties! Re-Making History by throwing Their Tea Bags over the White House’s (Their Nation’s Capitol) Fence as well as America’s Waterways and ditches! Their primary attitudes and goals appear to be, “We’ll force Them to repeal the Stimulus Package or EveryOne in Congress can find new jobs!”

What are these Dissenters Afraid of?

Approximately 600,000 Americans a month are losing Their jobs. According to some Government projections, ten percent of Americans will lose Their jobs by the end of this year. This news has a tendency to give One (Anyone, for that matter) pause.

Many of the Tea Party Protesters are also Afraid that We (Americans) are gradually losing Our Individual Liberties and Rights to Big Government. That America’s Land of Opportunity is shrinking because Our Government is getting its Sticky Fingers into too many Private Enterprise Pies. That Our National Debt is being passed onto Our Children - Our Future Generations.

The Tea Partiers seem to be frustrated, angry or bitter Patriots who are trying to slow the Freight Train (Gravy Train) down! Many of Them, Conservatives and Right Wingers who feel as though They have no real Political Voice or Representation right now. They want lower taxes and less government.

It doesn’t matter that President Obama has already announced that he intends to make another one of his Challenges the Changing of Our American Tax Code. That he admits to the fact that America’s Tax system is too complicated for the Average Joe or Josephine to figure out, but just complicated enough for Those who can (and do) to best abuse or misuse it toward Their own purposes. It doesn’t matter that President Obama has already set into motion a Tax Cut for 95 % of Working Americans. It doesn’t matter that most ‘so called experts’ freely admit that early Government Intervention and Involvement are (more than likely) the only things that will eventually effectively stem the tide of this National and Worldwide Economic Dilemma; because allowing the Rise and Fall of the Free Markets to take care of Themselves organically will only drag this destructive Global Recession/Depression out for many more years to come than is necessary.

Change Takes Time. It is not a creature that responds well to immediacy.

The Suffering being felt by many Americans today is creating an Atmosphere of Immediacy and Fear. President Obama appears to be Thoughtfully and Logically approaching America’s, and the World’s, problems and Future Goals with Unflinching Resolve, Bold Action and Plans Guided toward Just Resolutions.

Dissent is a good thing! A Democratic Entity! It is important to Realize and Understand that there are always two (or more) sides to a Story - to an Event or Circumstance. But as a matter of Common Sense and meaningful Social Conscience, it is also important for Us to give Our Elected Officials the necessary Time and Space to lead Us All (Nationally and Globally) out of this Conundrum of Our Own Making.

In the meantime, can We at least put our tomahawks aside and civilly inquire, “Tea, AnyOne? Cream, Lemon or Sugar? One lump or two?”

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Emanuel Paparella2009-04-18 13:14:28
Paradoxically, the protesting “superpatriots” are not protesting the Obama’s tax system which has not even taken effect yet, but Bush’s. Some of those superpatriots, those who feel more Americans than most Americans, are now talking of the right to secede from the Union. One such is the governor of Texas. One would have thought that the civil war had settled that issue once and for all. As Leno quipped: good, let them secede, and then we can invade them and take their oil. Of course if that happens, Mexico will have the same idea, after all, Texas used to be part of Mexico. Ah, the ironies of history.

Leah Sellers2009-04-18 16:43:03
Hello Brother Emanuel,
Very well put and remembered, Sir.
I am reminded of Children playing in a Sand Box. Together they build a beutiful and intricate castle with leggos. Then one Child gets upset or jealous with the Other and decides to tear the Castle they built together apart, because things aren't going his way. In the end, when they Castle lays in pieces in the Sand, they are Both diminished.
Usurpers and Successionists have much in common on many childlike emotional levels - ha ! "It's mine, all mine or Nobody's; It's my way or No Way ! I'll bring tantrumming Chaos and Anarchy down upon anyone in disagreement
with me or who has something I want, regardless of what it costs Everyone else around me or the rest of the World !
I will bring the Castle down !"

Emanuel Paparella2009-04-18 16:55:52
Well said Leah! I suppose we as a species are still in our infancy. What did Shakespeare say? Maturity is all. Eventually we'll get there, but not yet, not yet.

AP2009-04-18 22:14:25
I never understood those Tea Parties, Leah. Does the tea have the fault? Are they being taxed by the Queen of England? Leave the tea alone, fellows! (but Right, it's better than tomahawks...) Thanks for explaining them better than I would.

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