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Chechnya blood story
by Thanos Kalamidas
2009-04-18 11:39:00
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Is Russia’s Vietnam just finished or a new chapter just started? That was the first thing that came to mind when reading that Russia had ended the “counter-terrorism operation” against the Chechen separatists. Somehow this could be good news if the person who manipulated for more than a decade this war was not still in power, in a different position but still in power and if the separatists could stop there and start negotiating but their past is impossible to leave them and the number of innocent murdered is just too high for forgiveness.

Supposedly Russia’s move is to create the conditions for ‘normalization’ as Russian officials call it and more room for peaceful negotiations but nobody says how that can work when the man who rules literally with iron fist, president Ramzan Kadyrov is totally controlled by the Kremlin and especially by emperor Putin. Russia is tired from two decades of war with the Chechen separatists and especially since the Chechens moved their war inside Russia’s neighbourhoods and school. Two decades of a dirty war that came just after another bloody and dirty war the one in Afghanistan that cost a lot of lives to the once mighty superpower.

Ramzan Kadyrov expressed his satisfaction intentionally missing to say that he is a huge part of the problem with his militia and the soviet style of ruling that imprisons and kills his compatriots. From their side the Russians emphasized their satisfaction that most of the terrorists’’ nests have been crushed and that most of the armed groups have been neutralized but what they missed is what all the human rights organizations have been pointing for years, that the result has come with terror and fear and unfortunately as it often happens in these cases, violence and terror will bring gradually violence and terror and the Chechens have proved in many ways that they can become ruthless. Of course Ramzan Kadyrov denies all accusations and blames …foreign involvement to those unfair accusations and I don’t know why I get a déjà vu with those words, all dictators have the weird habit repeating the same exactly things.

The truth is that the last major hits of the Chechen separatists inside Russia and especially their hits to innocent people and kids made a lot of their sympathizers in the west to doubt and see behind the patriots they wanted to present themselves, common criminals, murderers. And two decades of war have left behind over than 100,000 and a country literally in ruins. And after those hits in Moscow the rebels lost their power and access to the wider public unable to continue their acts something that gave the chance for a rebuild. And the people want their country rebuild, they can see it and they are enjoying it; so in this sense Russia’s decision was correct.

So no more road blocks and sudden house searches and arrested of suspects, no more patrols in the streets from the Russian army and no more Russians soldiers in every corner giving to the Chechen people the feeling of an occupied country. This is good and it helps the country to feel some kind of normality and motivate them to rebuild what was destroyed. Soon airports will open and commerce will start another sign of normality and everything would have been much better if one element was missing, Ramzan Kadyrov!

Chechnya declared its independence from Russia in 1991 but soon Russia decided by violence sending thousands of troops to restore authority and deny Chechnya’s independence; something that ended in a disaster for the Russia’s army. But then Vladimir Putin, president in 1999 decided to return and restore order calling the Chechens terrorist and starting his “counter-terrorism operation” and of course when 9-11 happened Putin had a better excuse to continue his Chechnya operations, actual this is the exchange he got for his support from the first minute to the Bush’s war against terror and his soft reactions to the invasion to Iraq.

On of the fist moves Putin did was to establish a very close and friendly government to Kremlin using a local religious leader who had defected to Russians, Akhmad Kadyrov, the late father of president Ramzan Kadyrov who got assassinated in 2003. But if the father was a religious leader the son is definitely a murderous leader and the next big mistake of Russia in Chechnya, because as long the man and his murderous regime rule the way they rule the country nothing is going to change, on the contrary soon the Russians might find that they just opened a new chapter in this blood story!

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