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How ...bizarre!
by Thanos Kalamidas
2009-04-15 08:44:34
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Man accidentally shoots himself at drive-through

bizarre_fastfoodA stop at a fast-food restaurant's drive-through on Tuesday afternoon led to a trip to the hospital after a man accidentally shot himself in the leg with a pistol. The 24-year-old man was apparently trying to clear the weapon when it went off and hit him in the calf.

Police said the man didn't need a permit because the gun wasn't concealed, so he didn't break any laws. His name was not released.

Fast food definitely damages your health!


Late for work?

bizarre_late_400A recent survey found out some interesting facts about employee punctuality. The survey found that 20 percent of workers said they arrive late to work at least once a week, up from 15 percent in last year’s survey. One-in-ten (12 percent) said they are late at least twice a week.

Actual reasons for coming in late vary from worker to worker, but traffic was the main culprit with one-third (33 percent) of workers claiming it caused their tardiness. Nearly a quarter (24 percent) said lack of sleep, while 10 percent said getting their kids ready for school or day care was the main reason.
Other common reasons included public transportation, wardrobe issues or dealing with pets. Hiring managers provided the following examples of the most outrageous excuses employees offered for arriving late to work:

My heat was shut off so I had to stay home to keep my snake warm.
My husband thinks it’s funny to hide my car keys before he goes to work.
I walked into a spider web on the way out the door and couldn’t find the spider, so I had to go inside and shower again.
I got locked in my trunk by my son.
My left turn signal was out so I had to make all right turns to get to work.
A gurney fell out of an ambulance and delayed traffic.
I was attacked by a raccoon and had to stop by the hospital to make sure it wasn’t rabid.
I feel like I’m in everyone’s way if I show up on time.
My father didn’t wake me up.
A groundhog bit my bike tire and made it flat.
My driveway washed away in the rain last night.
I had to go to bingo.


Mayor of Hollywood charged with assault

bizarre_crash_400Hollywood Mayor Tommy Wayne Allen is facing an assault charge after he allegedly struck a man in the face while responding to a wreck in Hollywood. Allen, 49, who also serves as a fire-fighter with the Hollywood Volunteer Fire Department, was arrested at the scene of the wreck and charged with third-degree assault, Doyle York, chief deputy of the Jackson County Sheriff's Department. York said a department policy on misdemeanour cases prevents him from providing any other details about the case. But according to a report filed in Circuit Court here Monday by Sheriff's Deputy Tracy Holman, Allen hit Jamie Lee Stiles in the face with his fist.

Holman said the incident occurred about 5:30 a.m. at a wreck on County Road 33 after Stiles, owner of the wrecked vehicle, was found nearby by Hollywood Police Chief Pete Ledwell and a police officer and returned to the wreck scene. After arriving at the scene, he said, Allen told Stiles, "I want you to see what you did to me" and then struck him. He said the two men had to be restrained by officers. Holman does not state in the report what Allen wanted Stiles to see and why he allegedly assaulted him. Allen was taken to the County Jail in Scottsboro where he was later released on bond. The amount of his bond was not immediately known.

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