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Who cares about Somalia?
by Thanos Kalamidas
2009-04-14 08:58:45
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The problems in Somalia didn’t start with the pirates neither with the discovery that al-Qaeda had started creating bases there and become active because neither would have happened if Somalia had been more the centre of interest for the international community or better if the UN had done better their job instead of letting things happening and hundreds of people looking for refuge even in the far-off Finland.

What I’m trying to say is that the situation in Somalia is nothing that started last night but it obviously has a long story we ignore and yes most of us know what happened with the Americans in Somalia a decade ago and how they escaped afraid that they would have to deal with another Vietnam but that’s where everything stops. What more we get is that it has to do with religion that involved other neighbour nations as well like Ethiopia. We know that religion issues are hot and that has been one of the excuses for the civil wars and that’s were information stops. Why? Is it because Iraq is more interesting, is it because the dead in Iraq are more important or because Iraq has petrol enough to monopolize the interest of the media, the States and unfortunately the United Nations? I suppose that answers the question how is worth a human life!

I never believed in these theories about the clash of religions or cultures, all through history religion has been often perhaps too often used as an excuse for wars and all kind of catastrophes, without that meaning that the churches are innocent but because they had different agendas far away from religion but serving political often imperialistic and financial interests; the same way ayatollahs preach today hate the same exactly way in the past Christian priests and missionaries taught hate and distraction. So religion has been used as an excuse to hide different agendas and at least my question is what agendas are hiding behind Somalia’s civil war and all the things happening there for decades.

In Finland there are a lot of Somali refugees and I’m honoured to know some. I have to say that they are very exceptional people and what really impresses me is their dignity, they have a way they carrying themselves that show this dignity from far away on their slim and proud presents. But as I said when you search about Somalia at least in the western media what you learn is about the pirates, the war lords and of course for all the crimes, the child soldiers, the rapes and the tortures. Why and when is never there.

Somalia has long history of conflict to survive and gone through the era of cities-countries with wars between them and then colonialism with the British and the Italians sharing the country, then the worst happened when Somalia became a pawn in the cold war that was stamped with a war with the then USSR influenced Ethiopia that coasted thousands of lives and since 1978 the country lives in a civil war with small gaps.

Somali economy aside the war? Let’s see, the country is mainly agricultural, they have livestock and yes they produce bananas; I suppose none of them establishes a good reasoning for the international interference. Oh yes, there is the possibility, potentiality in the north region for oil. I suppose that excuses why everybody is in and out the country. Still doesn’t make enough excuse for the situation there. Actually the only thing I can thing of is that the people there don’t know any other life except war! I do realize how cynic I sound but this is the only thing I can think of, the Somali people live for nearly three generations in war, they born and died in a war and they don’t know how peace is like. And sadly this is where the international responsibility lays on.

The United Nation again, well it seems that we always end up there! I’m sorry to say but yes I have great expectations from this organization and its General Secretary, unfortunately one seems to be worst than the other with the last one Ki-Moon the total disappointment. The man was appointed in this position to serve and obey the greater pan Bush’s neo-conservatives had and he is very good in his job, he does nothing! He is so good he even makes the last G.S. Kofi Annan look brilliant and working hard for the world’s prosperity, truly amazing and it really demands effect and hard work or better not works at all. His idea of how UN should act is …duck and keep quiet! In the meantime go to some parties and enjoy the Champaign. I know that I should hard but if he didn’t feel able to deal with the job and the expectations that come with the position of the man who runs the organization responsible for the world’s peace he should never take the job.

As far the Somali people, the next time you see any of these proud people in the street please try to explain to them that they have to deal with poverty, unemployment, prejudice often with racism because nobody really gives a damn, they don’t have oil to excuse interference and the UN General Secretary is too busy taking a nap for the next few years! 

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baby2011-05-15 13:22:51
shut the fuck up about somalia

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