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An Egg of a Different Color
by Leah Sellers
2009-04-12 08:15:44
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"Here comes Peter Cottontail. Hoppin’ down the bunny trail. Hippity, hoppity......" "Oh my, Peter Rabbit! What a beautiful and very large Cosmological Easter Egg you have laid for All of Us! A Gift of Spring! A Gift of Burgeoning Potentialities! A Gift of Hope and Renewal!"

Easter Sunday, the day when all Christians (and many gleeful Easter Egg hunting Children and Parents) focus upon the Death and Resurrection of Jesus Christ the Savior of the World. God’s Chosen Son sent to Live as a Human Being. The Son meant to truly Walk around within the Skin of Humankind - Feel what We Feel - Know what We Know. Sent to Be and Teach what it is to Be the Great Empathizer - the Celestial Bleeding Heart, Mind, Body and Soul for All of the World. For All of the World’s Generations to come.

God’s Son sent to die altruistically upon an ’old rugged cross’ in order to wash away and purify the sins of all Humanity within the rivulets and rivers of the Sacrificial Blood His pierced and tortured Body bore for Us - expelled for Us. The Ultimate Earthly and Heavenly Sacrifice. A Beloved Son sent to suffer and be wounded by Humankind’s misunderstandings, cruelties, betrayals, confusions, fears, power struggles.... A Supreme Healer sent to Live, Heal and Die so that He could miraculously (due to atomic quantum physics and energies Unknown to Us) Resurrect, roll away the extraordinarily heavy Stone (seemingly insurmountable obstacle) from His burial tomb’s Entrance, and once again Walk and Talk amongst His Fortunate Few and amazed Disciples (Peter, being the chosen Rock upon which Christ’s Word made Manifest would Stand), before Transcending into the Heavens to Be with His Father, the Great Creator - the Great Spirit (and Ours) once again.

Jesus Christ is the Christian Phoenix. He embodies the Transformational Spiritual Ethers of Humankind’s Greatest Hopes, Dreams and Aspirations. He is the Divine Light and the Divine Way. His Divine Energy - His beautiful Words, Stories and Actions Revealing, Explaining and Teaching the Disciplines of God’s Universal Love and Compassionate Action have touched and impacted the Hearts, Minds, Bodies and Souls of millions throughout the Ages. Jesus Christ Is the Nurturing and Sustaining Cornucopia of Loaves and Fishes fed daily to the Hungry Masses.

Jesus Christ is Easter’s Great Cosmological Egg of Creation - Destruction - and ReCreation whose Cosmic Dust and Soul Call All of Us to Spring forth from the Ashes of Death (whatever form that may take metaphorically or literally) - to victoriously Rise - to spread Our Soul’s Wings toward the Heavens of Our Best Selves - Our Brightest Kaleidioscopic Envisionings.

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