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Jesus Christ, where did we go wrong?
by Louie Parsons
2009-04-12 08:15:37
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Easter is upon us once again, a time for family, chocolate eggs, and celebration.

But do we really understand the basis of the celebrations in the Christian sense.

This is the time of year when Jesus rose from the dead after sacrificing himself for us, but the reality is far from what you read in the modern Bible, all Jesus' miracles and teachings were metaphors to be used as the basis of his teachings.

To begin, the apostles were not fishermen as Jesus was not, they were fisher of men, basically olden day door to door religious men who would come an speak about this new religion in effect finding new followers i.e., fishing for members, again a metaphor .

Also it was a family business as Jesus brothers were involved, his brother James (James the just) who went on to be archbishop of Nazareth, the twin brothers Joseph and Simon, and this may come as a surprise his brother Judas, who got a bad rap in the whole story.

The group referred to themselves as the living and those who had not yet found the light as the dead which is where we get the story of Jesus rising from the dead, what he was saying was he was dead in the spiritual sense till the teachings he discovered delivered him to the living, the same applies to the story of Jesus raising Lazarus from the dead, he basically showed him to a new way of thinking, therefore raising him from the dead.

Jesus speaking in the Bible only adds up to two hours and in that time he tried to teach peace, love, humanity, basically a modern day hippie and look how far from that the modern church and its beliefs have come.

The whole story of Jesus is taken from a much older story of Horus from Egyptian mythology, the same traits are portrayed in both story, born of a virgin, rose from the dead.

Which leads us back to Judas, because Jesus was following a pattern used by many prophets the plan had to be followed to the letter, therefore he had to be placed in the hands of the Romans to be crucified to finish the tale, It's commonly recognized that Judas was ordered to inform the Romans of Jesus whereabouts, so he wasn't the Judas as the Bible presents him today.

This may seem like new age claptrap an it may be, but remember when Jesus was teaching it was also a very new age way of thinking.

The story is very long and confusing and here I try just to show you some basic points in a very easy way, as it has been confused purposely to place control in the hands of those who run modern religion.

Remember the basics of what this religion and holiday is all about, find yourself, love your life, love those around you, lead a good life, and do what you feel is best. Find your path.

Happy Holidays!

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Alexander Mikhaylov2009-04-13 00:16:17
Unfortunately, modern religions are often divert from what we might call a true spirituality

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